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  Weddings Corfu Greece

 Recent Wedding Receptions At Taverna Agni

 Why Choose Corfu for Your Wedding ?


An estimated one in ten couples in the UK get married overseas, with the British heading for the Caribbean, Las Vegas and the Indian Ocean; so says an American Express travel survey. But one of the problems of marrying overseas is that the further you travel to tie the knot, the less likely it will be that your friends and family will be there to share your celebration. Getting married in Greece combines the advantages of a wonderful climate and a wedding organised at a greatly reduced cost - all just a few hours' flight away. Couples combining their wedding and honeymoon in Greece can not only reduce the cost of the wedding but the more relaxed atmosphere may help in reducing the stress that is so often associated with getting married! And of course we at Agni Travel can help with your accommodation and reception requirements.


 Arranging Your Wedding


Due to the logistics and language barrier,  it is essential that you enlist a local agency to help organize your wedding. These are professional people who will be able to advise on the paperwork and guide you on how to best arrange your actual wedding day.  Using coordinators based in Greece provides you with a contact based here all year and the flexibility to have a more tailor-made wedding.
We will be adding a list of localy based wedding coordinators very soon.


What is Required?


Greece has no residency requirements or waiting periods to get a marriage license although for a wedding on Corfu, the couple should be on the island 7 days before the ceremony. For a civil ceremony you apply to the local community mayor and for a religious ceremony, the license is issued by the parish priest. The process of getting a marriage license in Greece is a little complicated as personal documents have to be translated, notices in Greek must be placed in the local newspaper and there is a short processing time. Religious ceremonies are more complicated than civil ones but in spite of the red tape, Greece is actually easier than other European countries.


Greek Orthodox Church Wedding
Greek Orthodox Church Wedding

The following is a list of documents and other requirements for a legal wedding in Greece:

Bride's and Groom's passports. Both bride and groom should hold a full British passport; passport holders of other nationalities should check with their embassy.

Full Birth Certificate
Both parties must obtain a 'full' birth certificate with parents' names as the shorter version of the Birth Certificate will not be accepted.

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
This document certifies that both parties are free to get married and can be obtained from your local Registrar Office. It may take up to one month to obtain as the local Registrar Office will place the document on public display for three weeks. The certificate has a 'shelf life' and must not be issued more than three months before the wedding day.

Apostille Stamp
An Apostille is a special seal applied by an authority to certify that a document is a true copy of an original. Apostilles are available in countries which signed the Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalizing foreign public documents, and making document certification much easier. This certification is supplied by a solicitor.

Decree Absolute
If either party is divorced, a Certified Copy of the Decree Absolute must be obtained.

Death Certificate
If either of the parties is a widower, a Death Certificate is needed.

Deed Poll Certificate
This will be required if either bride or groom has changed name by Deed Poll.

Adoption Certificate
If either of the parties was adopted then this will be required.

Baptism Certificate
Although not required for a civil ceremony, Baptism Certificates will be required for a Catholic or Greek Orthodox church wedding.

Document Translations
All the above documents must be translated into Greek at the Greek Embassy or Consulate and this should be completed at least one month before the wedding. See the Greek Embassy's website for a list of professional translators. As there is no official translation department within the consulate general of Greece, they provide a list of translators from which to choose. As you will require authentication of a translated document for official use, the consular fee for the legalisation varies from 3 to 14 gbp per document.

Catholic Church Weddings in Greece
Catholic church weddings can only be arranged if the bride and groom have not been previously married. Either the bride or groom must be a Catholic and both parties must be baptised. The first step is to inform the Catholic priest of your local parish of your intent to marry abroad. He will then need to view both parties' Birth Certificates and Baptism Certificates and can then give information on what further documentation is needed. These are in turn passed on to the Catholic priest of the church in Greece where the ceremony is to be performed.

Greek Orthodox Church Weddings in Greece
Both parties must be baptised and either the bride or groom must be of the Orthodox religion. Firstly the couple must tell their parish priest at their local Orthodox church of their intention to get married abroad. He will then view both parties' Birth Certificates and Baptism Certificates and advise on further documentation requirements. These in turn are passed on to the Orthodox priest of the church in Greece where the ceremony will be performed.

Ceremony Witness
Two witnesses are required for all types of wedding ceremonies.

Day and Time of Ceremony
Town Hall - Mondays to Fridays from 08.00 to 14.00 hrs
Catholic Church - Monday to Saturday, any time
Orthodox Church - Monday to Sunday, any time

Documentation after the wedding
For a valid marriage, the couple must visit the Registry Office at the town hall to declare that the wedding has taken place. The official wedding certificate is issued within three working days after the wedding and can be sent on to the married couple's home address. On return from your wedding, don't forget to have your wedding certificates translated back into English.

Bride and Groom

To be sure you have all the current information, send a self-addressed envelope and a stamp to the Consulate General of Greece requesting the pamphlet entitled Working and Living in Greece.
Address in UK:
Consulate General of Greece
1A Holland Park
London W11 3TP
Tel 020 7221 6467
Fax 020 7243 3202


Once you start making your initial wedding plans, most certainly you will focus on where to have the wedding reception. Taverna Agni (the creators of site) have great experience of wedding receptions, to ensure that your wedding day is perfect.

Corfu Bride


A Typical Wedding Reception at taverna Agni


The Morning Of The Wedding
The Morning Of The Wedding


Tables Are Set
Tables Are Set and Dusted with Rose Petals. 

Arches Over The Jetty
Cypress Arches Over The Jetty


Wedding Party Arriving by Speed Boat
Wedding Party Guests Arriving by Speed Boat


Wedding Part Arrives
Guests Awaiting the Wedding Couple


Alex Serves Champagne
Alex Serves Champagne Cocktails on the Beach

Arriving By Yacht
Bride and Groom Arrive By Yacht

Large Reception At Taverna Agni with over 100 People
Large Reception At Taverna Agni with over 100 People

Large Evening Reception
Into the Evening

Party Into The Night
And Party Into The Night



Menu Reception Suggestions at taverna Agni


Greece is all about food, so your wedding reception is unlikely to be any different! The food, presentation and service are vitally important to ensure the reception is a success. Our excellent reputaion will give confidence to your wedding plans. Taverna Agni, we offer a flexible tailor made menu to your exact requirements. The menu cost is per person and inclusive of drinks. In this way, it is easy for you to budget for your wedding day in advance. Typical wedding menu



We offer the above menu with: any amount of ‘Rodes Cair’ Champagne, (served from Magnum bottles), alcoholic beverages from our bar, (from Gin and Tonics to fine malts and Greek brandies), draught beers and bottled wine. From our cellar, we recommend unlimited bottles of "Tandalis Merlot" and "Sauvignon Blanc".

The inclusive price per adult head is 95 Euros, with a minimum number of 100 guests.


Wedding Departure
Bride and Groom Departure

Small Wedding Reception (Lunchtime) At Taverna Agni


FAQ - Taverna Agni Wedding Receptions


During our reception, will you close the taverna to other people?

Yes. We need all day to prepare the taverna and hence it needs to be closed all day. We can seat 120 people at the taverna, with extra 'beach tables' for another 50 guests. The minimum charge is for a 100 people.


We will not be sure of the exact number until a few days before the wedding. Is this a problem?

No, not at all. An estimate during the initial stages of planning is sufficient.


What arrangements can you make for any children in our party?

Depending on the number of children, we reserve a table just for them. Eleni will prepare a special meze from our children's menu and  ice-cream for dessert. The charge per child attending the reception  is 15 Euros.


We would like to choose a different menu to that in your suggestion. How do we do this?

Suggestions for menu ideas are very welcome and will make you a price accordingly.


When should we arrange to meet you to discuss final arrangements and details?

Meeting up so that your requirements can be discussed and implemented is of course essential. At least a week before your wedding, you will need to visit the Taverna and meet Nathan. The best time is late afternoon, before our evening guests arrive.


How will the seating be arranged?

Several options are available and we are experienced at placing parties depending on their number. The seating plan can be choosen when you are in Corfu, a few days before your wedding, when meeting Nathan to discuss the final arrangements and details. Naturally, we make sure the 'head table' is positioned, so that all guests can view, and it has a photographic backdrop.


Can we make Speeches and Toasts?

Yes of course. Usually In-between courses, Nathan will prompt.


What Music and Dancing Arrangements are there?

Music is usualy background from our sound system. You would be welcome to bring you own CDs/MP3s to play. Live music can be arranged and it certainly adds atmosphere, but please note that you would be expected to choose and pay for this yourself. We do not usually make a dance area. There is of course no reason why the tables cannot be moved to one side once the meal is over, to provide a dancing area.


How and When Do We Pay?

During the planning, we will need to know who is expected to pay. Payment in full is due after the wedding and can be in cash or by credit card.



To discuss your wedding reception at Taverna Agni, contact



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