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Corfu Travel Guides > Learn Greek

Learn Greek Online

Agni Travel - Tailor Made Holidays

Corfu Travel Guide - Paleokastritsas

Strangely, many visitors to Greece do not know how to say 'thank you' in Greek - even though they have visited many times. This part of the website aims to rectify the situation by teaching some basic conversational Greek. If you make an effort to speak some of the native tongue during your visit, you will find the locals will 'open up' and be very receptive - although they will probably reply to you in English!

The following short course of five lessons, will teach you a few useful conversational Greek phrases and words. The lessons have been favourably praised by the BBC no less! We are also working on a 'printable' version so  that you can bring the lessons on holiday. The locals will not know what has hit them!

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 Lesson 1: The Basics

 Lesson 2: Numbers

Lesson 3: Greek Alphabet

Lets start at the beginning with some typical greetings and we will soon have you 'chatting-up' some of the locals! Learn Greek: The Basics

Numbers. We provide you with the first twenty Greek numbers plus a short Greek grammar lesson on plurals: Learn Greek: Numbers

As if Sofri in the Agni Travel office has not enough work to do, we have had him recording some new Greek lessons for our 'Learn Greek Online' section. If you follow this lesson, we will have you reading any Greek text (including those ambiguous road signs), with perfect pronunciation, just like a local: Learn Greek: The Alphabet

 Lesson 4: Useful Phrases

 Lesson 5: Weather

Lesson 6: Food and Tavernas

Do not get caught out! Keep these handy little phrases close to hand and we will have you ordering at a taverna in no time! Learn Greek: Useful Phrases

Surely, one of the best conversation starters - the weather! Of course the weather in Greece is usually just hot, but we give you the full range of expressions, just in case! Learn Greek: Weather

A great place to practice your Greek is when eating at the local Tavernas. Learn a few Greek words to help you order. At the very least, your friends will be impressed. Learn Greek: Food and Tavernas

Click on the sound icon, within the Greek Lessons - and Eleni or Theo will show you the correct pronunciation. If you cannot hear anything after a short delay - or are having problems, post a message on our boards for help! Greek Message Boards

(Many thanks to my wife, Eleni (my wife) and Theo (my brother-in-law), for their patience while recording the words and phrases for this Learn Greek guide.)

Corfu Travel Guide - Paleokastritsas


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