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  Corfu Town Walking Tour

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Let Angela and Nathan take you on a guided tour of Corfu Town. Previously many have complained that Corfu town is difficult to navigate.  Forget the tourist routes, we show you the highlights and our favourite Corfiot locations - in an easy to follow guide. You may be interested to know, that there is a regular 'web site' meet every Wednesday morning. Why not join a fun group of web site fans and go around together? 10 am is the set off time, so make sure you leave your accommodation in time.

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The starting location


We first need a starting point which is the Old Corfu Port car park. We have selected this location, as parking is only 1.50 Euros (for all day), and there is plenty available! So, depending where on Corfu you are staying, you will need to follow the following instructions to direct you.



If you are staying South of Corfu town:
If you are staying North of Corfu town:
Once you have arrived at the car park and found a place to park, (do not park to close to the quay side edge), look towards the old fort.

The meeting point


Opposite the car park you will see this stone statue, surrounded by a circular railing. The regular web site meet is every Wednesday at 10am. Do not worry if you cannot make it, as the directions below are very comprehensive.

Lets Go!


Look for the path exit opposite the stone statue - towards the fort. Cross the road and into the square. Keep the fort to your right, and walk towards the top, right hand corner.
Follow this road, and enter into the square.  Pass a plam tree, two coffee bars and take the road/path to the top right corner.
Follow the path up the hill (towards the pink Church). You will reach a set stone steps. Continue up - the old fort will be directly to your right.
At the top of the steps, you will see the entrance to the old fort. For a nominal fee, you can take a look around - but that is not a part of this tour.
Go through the tunnel. The kids will love it! You will emerge out of the tunnel into the market!
Cross over the road (be careful with your children).
Walk through the market. Take note of the diverse selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, vibrant colours and aromas.
Towards the middle, one stall offers an excellent selection of olives. Ask to try some before you purchase! Also note, the herbs on offer.  Towards the end you will reach (smell!) the fish part of the market.
At the end of the market, turn left, crossing the road and into the small street (called Garaz Markara). Follow this street, turn right at the top and go down the slop onto the main road at the bottom - turn left.
You are now walking along Corfu's main high street!
Continue to the end of the street. (Look for the church bell tower ahead.) On your left, you will see the 'National Bank of Greece'. Ahead, notice the red sign on the building. Fork to the right.
Follow this narrow lane to the end, passing lots of gold and jewelry shops!

Coffee Time


Detour to the new fort. More>>


Saint Spiridon Church is well worth a look inside. Please though observe local dress custom. More>>


Lunch Time

We offer you three option - all different in style.









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