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 How can we avoid mosquitoes?

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A stinging gnat or fly. In Greek it is pronounced Koo-noo-pee.
As with all warm humid places around the Mediterranean, at certain times of the year mosquitoes can be a nuisance, and some people are more affected by them than others. Only female mosquitoes bite! - No comment from me about that fact!

Lesson 1: Lets avoid them!

So, lets not let them spoil your holiday. If you take all our advice on precautions then you can eliminate or minimize their nuisance value. With a little forethought and planning they can be avoided, some methods are more effective than others - find the one that works for you.
Bring with you a good anti mosquito skin application, lotion, roll on, whatever. Autan, Jungle Juice, Johnsons  “off”, Tea Tree Oil and Citronella - all are effective. Tesco's produce a good after sun lotion with an insect repellant in it. Cover yourself all over with it as part of your post shower routine. I tend to prefer the pump spray ones, being a bit greener and doing away with the expellant gas. Before going out in the evening apply your repellent to your skin - especially arms, legs and ankles. If you are a particular 'target' then liberally spray your clothing as well.
To prevent them getting into your room at night, before leaving,  use one of the little plug in things available from all the local supermarkets, you will need one for each bedroom. They either come with a jar of fluid which you leave plugged in 24 hours a day, which should last for the whole holiday, or a small unit which has a hot pad on it, where you put a new tablet each evening. For this one you buy a box of tablets separately (it is in fact a piece of impregnated card). It seems to be personal preference as to which is best - I prefer the fluid ones as we always forget to replace the little pads.
At night when your lights are off, make sure you leave a window open (you can keep the shutters closed). DO NOT sleep with your windows closed. The mosquitoes do not like the aroma produced by the machines. This will let the mosquitoes escape. Contrary to popular belief, the plug in things repel them not kill them. You don't want an unhappy family of mosquitoes trapped in your room for the night!  (We cannot smell it though.)  We recommend sleeping with windows open but shutters closed.

Corfu Travel Guide with tips and advice for this Greek Island. May newsletter.

Thanks to Bob and Wendy our Greek correspondents from Lafki  for helping with the 'Mosquito report' - Happy holidays.

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Lesson 2: Antidote!

Should none of the above not work and  you do get bitten, have an antidote handy! They are available in the local mini-markets or pharmacies and in the UK from chemists or at the airport departure shops. I swear by Wasp Ease- which as its names suggests is also used for wasp stings.

Lesson 3: Turn the lights off!

When sitting on your balcony during the early evening, do not leave the house open and lights on unless you enjoy extra company! Mosquitoes are attracted to the lights. Also purchase some of the 'Spira' burny things. These are lit and placed on top of an empty bottle. They will smoulder for about 8 hours and the smoke disperses mosquitoes and any other bugs. At Taverna Agni, we light several of these each evening and place them around the tables.




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