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Greek Life

Learn Greek Online

Try learning with us - with online 'sounds' to make sure your pronunciation is perfect! We will teach you some conversational holiday Greek and useful phrases. Learn Greek Online

The Local Kafeneon

A Kafeneon is the local village gathering place. They serve drinks and sometimes sell a few essential groceries. The Local Kafeneon

Chirstmas in Corfu

Is it like home? Chirstmas in Corfu

Corfu At Easter

Easter is more important to Greek people than Christmas - so expect an exciting 'religious' time. Corfu At Easter

Name Days

Did you know that Greek people have two birthdays each year? Name Days

Spiros or Spiro

Which is correct? Spiros or Spiro? To stop you sounding like a tourist during your next Corfu holiday, read our advice about Greek names. Spiros or Spiro

Greek Public Holidays

There are plenty of public holidays in Greece, and one is sure to fall on your holiday dates - so be prepared. Greek Public Holidays

A Visit to the Mainland

This page, describes a trip to the mainland. Northern Greece is a complete contrast to Corfu, from the dialects, the buildings and certainly the terrain. This short trip with little driving involved takes 2-3 days, and is to Metsovo - high in the so called 'Greek Alps'. A Visit to the Mainland

Athens Report

To visit during the winter, you will need to fly via Athens as there are no direct flights to Corfu. Find out what Athens like. Athens Report
 - Corfu Travel Guide

Moving To Corfu

If you are planning to take the plunge and move permanently to Corfu, either for retirement or to live and work, then we offer you some sound advice. Moving To Corfu

Local Greek Festivals

There are many local festivals or 'Paniyiris' during the summer. Everyone is invited! Local Greek Festivals

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