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Corfu Travel Guide - Greece

Corfu Travel Guide

A typical sandy beach on CorfuThe island of Corfu is located just off the West coast of Greece. Corfu enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate along with excellent beaches making it a popular destination for holiday makers. Corfu is very green compared to other Greek islands: hot and dry summers along with winter rain creates lush vegetation which is dominated by over 2 million olive trees. These olive trees on Corfu are the main cultivation, although Corfu's tourism now provides the most income.

Planning a Holiday to Corfu?

Beach Tavernas on Corfu The Corfu Travel Guide is an extensive site of over 1000 pages. While planning a visit to the Greek island of Corfu our detailed Corfu Guide will help you plan ahead and make the most of your Corfu holiday. Use our guides and Corfu maps for information on where to stay, when to visit, how to travel around, what to see, best beaches, food and wine, and where to eat. We have recently updated all of our resort guides with new photographs and descriptions: Corfu Travel Guide

Corfu Villas, Houses and Apartments to Rent

Luxury Villa to rent on Corfu Through the Corfu Travel Guide, you can book 'unpackaged' Corfu Villas with swimming pools, typical Greek houses and apartments - all individually hand-picked by us. The Agni Travel team, who are located in Nissaki Corfu, are on hand to advise you on where to stay. To view some of our rental properties on Corfu:  Corfu Rentals

How to Get to Corfu

Corfu Windmill Landmark
Corfu Airport: Flying to Corfu , for most Europeans, is an easy flight lasting less than 3 hours. Corfu's International airport (Kapodistrias) is located on the edge of Corfu (Kerkyra) town, it is modern and compact. During the summer months (May to October) there are regular charter flights from most European countries to Corfu. Domestic flights (from Athens) operate all year round.
Corfu Port: Corfu's port is at the edge of Corfu (Kerkyra) town. Ferries from Greek mainland (Igumenitsa and Patra) offer a regular service as well as ferries from Italy (Venice, Ancona and Brindisi). Corfu port is also a popular stop for visiting cruise ships.
Driving to Corfu: Some drive to Corfu, the regular ferries from Italy and the Greek mainland to Corfu make the trip easier to plan. The roads of Corfu are generally in good condition, even if unavoidably steep and twisting in some locations.

Corfu Food and Wine

A Corfu Taverna Lunch and Greek Salad The most important part of any Greek island holiday, and Corfu is no exception, is the food and wine! Corfu's Tavernas will not disappoint. Modern Corfiot food is fresh and exciting - gone are the soggy Mousakas served with chips! Nowadays you will find fresh and exciting food at Corfu's tavernas. Since the introduction of the Euro, emphasis has been to keep prices down and quality up. Admittedly, it is more expensive than the days of the drachma, but Corfu still offers excellent value for money as a holiday destination. Corfu Tavernas

Corfu Travel Guide

Corfu Hotel with pool Our Corfu website feature. Packed with everything you need to know before you visit Corfu. Use our clickable Corfu guide map to view detailed reports for each location and resort on Corfu. We will help you select the right location for your holiday needs so you can decide where to stay. We have recently updated our guide by driving around the island and taking new photos. We have also added new locations (some of the smaller resorts and villages of Corfu) that we felt deserved special mention for their traditional value: Corfu Travel Guide

Frequently Asked Corfu Questions

Corfu Villa with private pool We help answer your Corfu questions, including: Where to stay on Corfu and when; Corfu Holiday Questions; Commonly Asked Taverna Questions; During Your Holiday Advice and Winter Corfu Visits Corfu FAQs and Help

Corfu Tavernas, Food and Wine

A taverna on Corfu Holidays on Corfu are all about food and wine! Eating to Greeks is life itself. It is a time for Greek families to get together and socialize. The traditional highlight of the week is Sunday lunch - long drawn out affairs - often lasting many hours. Find out what Greek delights, on Corfu, are typically on offer, and what the local Greeks eat. Use our essential eating guide to enhance your eating out in the local Corfiot tavernas. Our informative wine section is a must: Corfu Food and Wine

Corfu getting Around

Renting a car on Corfu is the most flexible way of exploring. The roads, although often narrow, are easy to drive. A well as renting a car though, you can also consider taking a bus or use a local taxi. Do not forget that you can rent a motor boat - and no license is required!  Renting a boat will be the experience of your Corfu holiday Corfu Getting Around

What to See and Visit on Corfu

Corfu Town If lying on Corfu's sun drenched beaches, or lazing by the pool, is not your scene, do not worry. Corfu has much more on offer. Corfu island boasts Mount Pantokrator, which is over 1000 meters high, offering breathtaking views across to the Island of Paxos. There is also the old town of Kerkyra - a must visit. Corfu What to See and Visit

Corfu Weather

Beach on Corfu showing the typical weather to expect When is the best time to visit Corfu? Our detailed weather reports for each of Corfu's months, will help you choose when is the best time for your visit. Most visit Corfu during the summer months of May until October. July and August are the hottest months: Corfu Weather

Taverna Agni

Taverna Agni Corfu The Corfu Travel Guide, has been created by Nathan from Taverna Agni and those at the Agni Travel office. Many people who find this website, and then visit the taverna, are often surprised (and pleased) to find that Taverna Agni is just a small family run concern. The Taverna is located on the beach in Agni bay; it has been in the same family since it was built in 1851. Mum (Aphrodite) and Dad (Harilos) even in their 70's still play an active role. Taverna Agni Corfu

Corfu Resorts

The main holiday resorts and beaches on Corfu are: Acharavi, Agni, Arilas, Avlaki, Barbati, Benitsas, Dasia, Ermones, Saint Georgios (North and South), Glyfada, Agios Gordios, Gouvia, Ipsos, Kalami, Kaminaki Kassiopi, Kavos, Kerrasia, Kontokali, Messonghi Agios Nikolas, Nissaki, Paleokastritsa, Pelekas, Roda, Sidari, Agios (Saint) Stephanos (NE) Agios (Saint) Stephanos (NW). Our Corfu resort guide offers detailed reports and guides on the above resorts: Corfu Resorts

Corfu Travel Guide: Editors

This website, the Corfu Travel Guide, is brought to you by the Taverna Agni. The guide has taken over 10 years to complete and is a result of our experiences here on Corfu. We hope you enjoy our website and above all find it useful in helping you make the most and enjoy your holidays to Corfu. The Taverna Agni Team.

Corfu Greece Holiday Questions

What type of Accommodation is on Corfu?
Villas with private pools, apartments, Greek houses, hotels (some all-inclusive). Which should you choose for your holiday? It all depends on what you are expecting from your holiday to Corfu. The Agni Travel Team is ready to help advise you on your: Corfu Accommodation
When is the best time to visit?
Take a look at our Corfu weather guide which tells you about the Corfu summer months, giving you an idea of to what to expect. Our Corfu weather guide can help you choose which month is right for you. Many, of course, have to visit Corfu during the school holidays - but do not worry, the Corfu climate, although hot, is never too hot and with our help, you will be able to enjoy your holiday to Corfu: Weather on Corfu
How safe is Corfu?
Before choosing a holiday, many, quite rightly, question the safety of the location. You will pleased to know that Greece is one of the safest holiday destinations in Europe. The local Corfiots are a close community and will immediately investigate a suspicious person! Corfu is a safe holiday destination, the locals honest. Crime and theft is very rare. Many locals do not lock their car or homes. You need not worry about walking on your own at night. Many single people visit and feel safe at night. If there is any danger at all, it would be from other tourists! Corfu a Safe Holiday Destination
Vaccinations for Corfu
No vaccinations are required for visiting Corfu or Greece. There is no risk of malaria in Greece or any other tropical diseases.
Olives on Corfu
What are those black nets for under the trees?
To collect olives. The locals that do not earning a living from tourism, often turn to Olives. There are an estimated 3 million Olive trees on Corfu - no wonder the island is so green! Find out how they are grown, collected (using the nets) and then pressed - the olives not the tourists! Corfu Olives
What island is that opposite Corfu?
It is Albania! Few of Corfu's first-time visitors, realise how close the previous communist state of Albania is - in places less than 2 miles across the water. It is quite safe though! Many years ago, there were reports of 'Albanian Pirates' swimming across to steal boats from local Corfiots. This was an isolated event and is now unheard of. If you are really intrigued, it is possible to go on a local ferry (from Corfu town) and visit Albania for the day. Having visited several times, it is fascinating, but I am not sure whether I would enjoy the day more just sitting around the pool with a good book! Day Trips to Albania

Corfu: Popular Destinations

Kalami Corfu Kalami bay is set nestling below the North East Corfu hills and famous for the Durrel's 'White House' and beautiful beach. Kalami is a popular destination for couples and also suits a family holiday; families with both young children and teenagers will find this resort an ideal holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the busier towns on the island and yet typically Greek. Kalami Corfu
Kassiopi Corfu Kassiopi is a lively resort at the North East corner of Corfu. A charming little fishing village, with a traditional port. Tourism has of course had its influence, but you can still find local fishermen bringing home the morning catch down at the harbour. Kassiopi Corfu
Roda Corfu Roda is a Corfufishing village and a small family beach resort, it is mostly used by the British package tour operators. There is a super sandy beach. The original town has developed, but you will still find locals continuing their everyday life. Roda Corfu
Sidari Corfu Sidari is ideal for families looking for a package holiday. The resort is much larger than Roda. There are several beaches and many lively activities. Roda Corfu
Saint Stephanos Corfu Agios Stephanos is a small fishing village, located on the North East coast of Corfu. (Rather confusing, as there is another Agios Stephanos located on the North West coast) This little fishing village has now become a very popular 'up market' resort with many stylish villas for rent. Saint Stephanos Corfu
Arilas Corfu The resort of Arillas is quiet and mainly for families and couples. Thankfully. there is not much around Arillas except for the beach and swimming! Arilas Corfu
Paleokastritsa Corfu Paleokastritsa is set around three main bays. It is famous for being Corfu's most treasured beauty spot, and becomes busy with day trippers throughout the season. Luxury yachts sail in to admire the back drop of the beautiful green hills around Paleokastritsa. Paleokastritsa Corfu
Glyfada Corfu If you are looking for a stunning sandy beach - probably the finest the island has to offer - then Glyfada should be on your list. There are several bars and tavernas around Glyfada beach as well as the usual hotels and a few apartments. Glyfada Corfu
Nissaki Corfu Nissaki means Little Island and hundreds of years ago that is what it was. On top of the island, now stands a Taverna. In years past, the local people worked on this island, shaping stones and local rocks bought to them by boat. The stones were used for building. After many years, the chippings falling into sea formed a ramp and eventually joined the land. Now there is a narrow road that now runs between the old island where the Taverna stands and the mainland. Nissaki has a small beach and is extremely pretty. The beach is a small horseshoe shape with fine pebbles, offering excellent swimming, although it can become a little crowded when daytrip boats arrive for lunch. Nissaki Corfu
Kaminaki Corfu Kaminaki is one of Corfu's best kept secrets. A tiny breach-fronted village, tucked away amongst the olive groves. The bay is a beautiful well kept secret with sparkling white pebbles and a turquoise water gently lapping against the beach. It is almost a dream and probably the one that many of us have when we picture a small Greek holiday destination. One Taverna sits right on the beach, while another sits up high on the rocks overlooking the bay. The atmosphere is friendly - not dissimilar to other smaller coastal resorts in the area. The local boat hire owners chat to you as you stroll along the waters edge. The bay has remained untouched by tourism. Kaminaki Corfu

Corfu: Useful Holiday Topics

Privately Owned Villas Corfu
Agni Travel specializes in privately owned villas on Corfu to rent – we recognize that people want privacy but not isolation when on holiday, and somewhere in our comprehensive portfolio of privately owned villas, there is one that is just what you are looking for. Check our website for full details, with all the photos and maps that will help you choose. We offer villas on the beach, or on a mountainside, overlooking a harbour or a village square – there is the right privately owned property for you on Corfu: Privately Owned Villas Corfu

Saint Stephanos apartment rental, Corfu Corfu Villas and Apartments
Corfu is one of the friendliest holiday destinations on earth, with a warm welcome for all its visitors, regardless of age. Corfu villas apartments come in all sizes and shapes, and one of the Agni Travel properties will be the one that welcomes you in just the right way too. Take a look at our website and you will see recommendations for villas and apartments that are particularly suitable for all age groups. Agni Travel’s Corfu villas apartments can be seen in full detail on line, and bookings can be made on line too: Corfu Villas and Apartments

Corfu Luxury Villa Rental
Somewhere amongst the superb properties that Agni Travel has to offer is the Corfu luxury villa rental that is just right for you. Over fifty villas situated along the glamorous and gorgeous north east coast of Corfu present a variety of options, but if luxury is your number one requirement you need look no further. Corfu luxury villa rental includes private swimming pools and Jacuzzis, maid service, up-to-date villa equipment, comfort and – above all – perfect sea views. Don’t wait – the best properties get booked up quickly: Corfu Luxury Villa Rental

Bella Mare, Corfu Holidays To Corfu Self Catering
When it comes to pleasing yourself, taking each day as it comes , getting up when you please, taking your meals indoors or out, and not worrying if the kids are annoying anyone else – you cannot beat holidays to Corfu self catering. Self catering holidays in Corfu offer a freedom to please yourselves that cannot be beaten. Agni Travel has a wonderful range of self-catering accommodation that meets everyone’s requirements, be they couple or family or group of friends. Click here for the Agni Travel website and an exciting choice of holidays to Corfu self catering: Holidays To Corfu Self Catering

Corfu Holiday Villas
Looking for a Corfu holiday villa to rent? The search stops here, at the Agni Travel website. Full details and photographs, maps and more, just a click away, together with on line availability checks and, when your decision is made, bookings can be made on line. That Corfu holiday villa need not be just a dream – the right property for you is here. Over 50 properties along the glorious north east coast of Corfu – one of them is the ideal Corfu holiday villa for you. Click here for more information: Corfu Holiday Villas

Holiday Villa in Kaminaki, Corfu Villas To Let In Corfu
For a wide selection of the best and most reasonably-priced villas to let in Corfu, you cannot do better than go to the Agni Travel website. Full details of properties, plus useful additional information and excellent photos make booking villas to let in Corfu both easy and enjoyable. From studios for two to houses for twelve or more, from quaint village cottages to luxurious seaside villas, Agni Travel has the answer. Just click here for full information: Villas To Let In Corfu

Holiday Villas In The Greek Islands
There is no shortage of holiday villas in the Greek Islands, but detailed information and photos are not always easy to track down. Agni Travel has changed all that with a highly user-friendly website dedicated to the best holiday villas in the Greek Islands. Photos, detailed information on villas and resorts – all just a click away. Our Brochure: Greek Island Villa Rental Brochure

Holiday Villa on The Greek Islands Corfu Holidays
Based on Corfu, we have the local knowledge and experience to help you plan a perfect holiday and ensure that your Corfu Holiday is a success. To browse some of the properties tha we have on offer, click here: Corfu Holidays

Last Minute Greek Holidays
Booking a last minute Greek holiday need not mean settling for anything less than the best. At Agni Travel we pride ourselves in being able to offer you excellence, even at the last minute. Self catering accommodation in villas or apartments, boutique hotels – information and photographs, together with on line bookings, just a click away: Our Villa Brochure
Greek Holiday Specialists
Looking for the real Greek Holiday Specialists? Click here for an introduction to Agni Travel, the Corfu-based Greek Holiday Specialists, with a superb selection of accommodation on the Greek Islands, from Corfu to Crete and from Symi to Paxos. All the information you could possibly need is on-line on our web site, to help you make an informed decision: Greek Holiday Specialists Villa Brochure
Corfu Villas Apartments
Corfu is one of the friendliest holiday destinations on earth, with a warm welcome for all its visitors, regardless of age. Corfu villas apartments come in all sizes and shapes, and one of the Agni Travel properties will be the one that welcomes you in just the right way too. Take a look at our website and you will see recommendations for villas and apartments that are particularly suitable for all age groups. Agni Travel’s Corfu villas apartments can be seen in full detail on line, and bookings can be made on line too. Check here: Corfu Villas Apartments rental
Villas For Rent In Corfu Greece
When it comes to looking at a selection of villas for rent in Corfu Greece, things could not be easier – visit the Agni Travel website. Our travel consultants are local residents, familiar with all the properties and highly experienced in helping clients make the right choice. No other travel company offers such a variety of villas for rent in Corfu Greece; for full details with photos and maps: Corfu Villas Apartments rental

Agni Travel: Villas and Apartment Rental

Agni Travel Villas At Agni Travel we specialize in offering individual, 'unpackaged' rental properties, including luxury villas with pools, traditional houses, and apartments. We offer accommodation on the Greek Islands, Turkey and Italy:  Agni Travel

Latest Forum Topics

Our Internet Forum offers advice and help from those who regularly visit Corfu or live on the island. Daily, up to 1000 posts are made concerning Corfu and general holiday questions; it certainly is a busy part or our site! The latest subjects being discussed are:

Corfu Villas to Rent

Corfu Properties for Rent
Looking for a Villa, House or Apartment to rent in Corfu? Check out the available properties: Corfu Rental Accommodation

Corfu History

Don't worry. We do not offer a history lesson! The Corfu travel guide is about holidays, so here is a short history snap shot:

Corfu has seen a colourful past where Greek, Roman, Venetian and French occupations have left their marks, including two forts. Many myths and legends feature Corfu including: Hercules, Homer, Odysseus and Jason with his Argonauts. Not surprisingly, Corfu Town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and this has helped to protect and preserve the architecture and monuments on Corfu.

Corfu Location

A typical sandy beach on Corfu Corfu is one of the Ionian Islands, North-West Greek Coast (39°40′N 19°45′E)
Corfu is just off the West coast of Greece and is one of the most Northern Ionian Islands. Many are surprised to learn that the coast directly opposite Corfu is not Greece, but Albania. The narrow channel between Corfu and Albania, in places, is less than 2km. (See the Nasa Map of Corfu, below. Note also from the photo that the shades of blue indicate sea depth. Generally, the sea on the East and North of Corfu is shallower (light blue) whereas the sea on the Western Corfu coast is very deep.) Maps of Corfu

Corfu Statistics

Corfu Population: 109,512
Capital: Corfu Town (Kerkyra)
Corfu Island Size: 597km² (Aprox 63km Long and 28km Wide)
Corfu Highest Mountain: Mount Pantokratoras (906m)
Coastline of Corfu: 217 km
Number of Beaches on Corfu: 92 (Sandy and Shingle)
Language Spoken on Corfu: Greek (English commonly spoken)

Corfu Climate and Weather


Av Sun (hours) High Temp (°C) Low Temp (°C) Sea Temp (°C) Rain
January 4 14 13 15 13
February 5 15 13 15 11
March 7 16 14 14 9
April 7 19 15 17 7
May 9 23 18 21 5
June 10 28 22 23 2
July 12 31 23 25 1
August 11 32 24 27 1
September 9 28 23 24 5
October 6 23 21 22 9
November 4 19 17 19 12
December 2 16 14 16 15
Corfu's tourist season is from early May until the end of October. The hottest (and driest) months being July and August where the temperature will often reach 35c. Some tourists do visit Corfu during the winter months and although mild, it can often be wet. Our detailed Corfu Weather Guide can help you choose when to visit.

Corfu Retirement

A typical sandy beach on Corfu Corfu's mild weather, low crime and friendly people has attracted many to move or retire to Corfu. Some estimates say that over 10,000 foreigners live on Corfu, but there are no official statistics. Our Corfu Forum is a resource that many use when planning their move to Corfu. Those considering to retire to Corfu, should consider how to spend their time, especially during the winter. Even though the setting is perfect, a life without any work or hobbies could become boring. We can help answer your Moving to Corfu Questions

Corfu New York!

Did you know there is a small town in the state of New York called Corfu? It was was named after the Ionian island of Corfu in 1839 by the post office founder: Corfu NY

Corfu Web Cameras

Corfu Webcam View With our Corfu web cameras, you can see exactly what is happening in Corfu. View the current Corfu weather, Corfu temperature (via our temperature camera), and see what is on the Taverna Agni jetty. Our webcam stores all the photos so that you can view all of the history and not miss out on a Corfu event! Corfu Web Cameras

Corfu Villas and Apartments

Corfu Villa to Rent For accommodation on Corfu, we offer a selection of over 100 properties: Luxury villas with swimming pools, Traditional Greek houses and apartments close to the beach: Corfu Villa Rentals

Corfu News

A local Taverna in Corfu It is easy to keep up to date with our monthly newsletters: "It has been a very mild November and the Nissaki was gently sleeping its way through the winter when suddenly there was great excitement! Just when we thought everything had closed down for the winter, a new grill room opened. The local impact of this is difficult to describe and is best experienced. 'Roumeli' is now the gathering place of the locals who sit there all day drinking coffee, ouzo and nibbling on a snack." Corfu News

Corfu Beaches

A local Taverna in Corfu The Greek isles mean beaches. Corfu is no exception and has many varied beaches for you to choose from and enjoy. Sandy, Rocky coves, quiet and hidden. If beaches are an important part of your holiday, then use our Corfu beach guide which describes most of the beaches on Corfu. We have recently updated our beach guide, with new photos and of-the-beaten-track beaches. Perfect for a quiet day: Beaches on Corfu

Corfu and Greek Life

A local Taverna in Corfu For those searching for an inside perspective to Greek life - without the tourist angle: Corfu and Greek Life

Learn Greek for your Corfu Holiday

A local Taverna in Corfu This is a short course of five lessons, which will teach you a few useful conversational Greek phrases and words. We are also working on a 'printable' version so that you can bring it to Corfu on holiday with you. We will having you saying "Kalimera" and "Mia Beira Parakalo" ready for your next Corfu holiday. The locals will not know what has hit them! Learn Greek Online

Corfu Forum

A local Taverna in Corfu Our Corfu Message Forums are a huge resource as they let you post a message or Corfu holiday question, and a friendly community of 10,000 members, many who regularly visit Corfu, will help by posting an answer. You can see which members are currently online (viewing the site) as their names are listed just below the main menu on the left of each page. Before you visit Corfu, or to help you until your next visit, you will find our forums enjoyable and most informative: Corfu Forum

Corfu Travel Companies

As well as Agni Travel, there are some excellent travel companies offering villas and accommodation on Corfu. Here are some of them:
CV Travel - Corfu Villas: offer luxury villas on Corfu. They are one of the most established villa companies on Corfu and have helped to raise the profile and keep Corfu in the media. CV Travel
Meon Villas, James Villas, Simply Travel, Villa Plus, Vintage Travel: offer Villas with Pools on Corfu.

Corfu Villa Rental

Why rent a villa on Corfu? Recent Newspaper and television news stories have recently focused on Corfu concerning the "Agni-Gate" scandle between Mr George Osborne and Mr Mandelson. Why do Mr Osborne and Mr Mandelson holiday on Corfu and more specifically within the Agni region? Those that regularly visit Corfu will already know!
Unspoilt Locations Due to strict planning regulations, Corfu does not have any building higher than two levels.(Some hotels were permitted to be built during the 1970s, but thankfully only a few.) This has prevented traditional hotels (and the mass tourism that often accompanies them) from damaging the Corfu coastline.
Choice of Villas The Corfu Coastline now has a sprinkling of Villas, with some of the small fishing harbours and ports being a cluster of typical Greek houses or apartments. The hills high above have small traditional villages and private and secluded Villas (usually with a private pool.) For more details: Corfu Rental Villas

Corfu Town - Kerkyra

"Corfu town is Venice and Naples, a touch of France and more than a dash of England, apart of course from being Greek" - Countess Flamburiari.
Corfu Town Kerkyra or Corfu Town, is the capital of Corfu. The town is a historic maze of narrow streets dominated by the 16th century fortress. Around every corner can you can find a chapel, old mansion or secret garden square. The café at the Liston: built by the French in the same style as those in Rue de Rivoli, Paris; is probably the place to 'people watch' while enjoying a Ginger beer. (The British also left Cricket, which was played on the pitch opposite the Liston. Sadly today, due to nearby parked cars, they no long play in this famous location.) Corfu Cricket The narrow streets radiating off from the Liston, house small shops of every commercial nature. Dominated by the 'gold shops'. Corfiot craftsmen excel at designing and making Greek jewelry in gold - this coupled with competitive prices may tempt you. Among the bustle, look out for those shops and stalls selling local items like wild honey, fig cakes and handmade lace. Saint Spiridon's Church The most famous church on Corfu, and the most visited, is Saint Spiridon's Church, home to the island's patron 'mummified' saint, is just behind the Liston. The church is impressive and worth visiting, but please ensure you are suitably dressed before visited this holy site.

All Rights Reserved. No part of the Corfu Travel Guide web site may be reproduced without permission. Infringement will be pursued.
The Corfu Travel Guide and Lefkada Travel Guides are brought to you by Agni Travel.
Agni Travel is the sister company of Taverna Agni and also the sponsor of the Agni Animal Welfare Fund
Agni Travel Office: ++30 26630 91609; Taverna Agni: ++30 26630 91142
Address: Agni Bay, Gimari, Kerkyra, Greece, TK49100 Corfu