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How strict are Britannia Airways?

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Subject Topic:

How strict are Britannia Airways?

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Message posted by Socrates on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 5:51pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer


I'm flying out to Kerkyra tomorrow and I was just wondering how strict are Britannia Airways are with the weight of check-in luggage (20 kgs)? Does anyone have any experimence with them as I've not flown with them before? Are they strict about applying extra fees for just 1 or 2 kgs over?



Message posted by steve & donna on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 6:13pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer
steve & donna

Hi Socrates,

For the sake of 1 or 2 kilos I don't think any airline will be that bothered. We came back with Britannia at the end of June. our cases were probably 15-20 kg overweight, as you can imagine we were panicking what would be said. The check in staff seemed more concerned with getting everybody through check in, so the weights seemed to be ignored (thankfully!).

Our flight had a 21 hour delay, so we were reunited with our luggage & packed off to a hotel. On our return the cases were just taken from us, straight onto the conveyor, BIG SIGHS OF RELIEF ALL ROUND! (and no excess baggage charge!)

The luggage wouldn't have been that heavy but for my love of retsina & Donna's love of kumquat!

Have a great time!



Message posted by AngieG on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 6:16pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

Hi Socrate Be warned I don't know about Britannia but we flew with First Choice Airways and they checked in my party of 4 with our friends party of 3 and to;d us we were over on our allowance but of course our luggage had alreay gone threw and we didnt know who owed what and the charged us ú80 in excess baggage.We could not dispute this because unfortunatly we had not checked the scales when she weighed us in(being excited and never having paid before even though we are always slightly over).The rep said at our welcome meeting the airlines were now being very strict,we wont get caught out again.


Message posted by Judie on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 6:28pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
I flew with britannia in august and although our bags were not overweight the people infront of us in the checkin at stansted airport were over the 20kgs and were charged instantly came to about ú35 but I can't remember how much that is per kilo sorry - ú7 ish i think or was it ú4 sorry LOL

Message posted by steve & donna on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 6:44pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer
steve & donna

Perhaps the check in staff in the UK are a little more zealous than the staff in Corfu!

The cases are seldom overweight when flying out, it's nearly always on the way back when everyone's bringing back those little "delights" to enjoy back at home! Always better to travel light, at this time of year it's not necessary to take lots of heavy clothing! That way there will be LOTS of room for those little "extras" to take home!

I'm feeling really jealous now, we've got another 9 months to wait for our next jaunt!


Message posted by ecotrails on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 7:24pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos


Copied  from a website-

If you are travelling on a holiday Charter flight from the UK the normal baggage allowance is 20kg per person plus one piece of hand luggage. However, some tour operators have a reduced luggage allowance on late bookings of only 15kg per person plus hand luggage. Your tickets will show what your luggage allowance is. If you exceed your luggage allowance you may be charged an excess baggage charge by the airline at check-in. You should also be aware that all sharp objects should be stored in checked in luggage and not be taken into the aircraft cabin as part of your hand luggage. All hand luggage should be of a size that will fit into the aircraft's overhead lockers.

I have often been warned going out of UK, never coming back in from Greece.

One thing to bear in mind (and they seem to all be getting hyper about this) is that the maximum for a single piece is going down (Health & Safety/ compensation culture) and is presently I believe 32kg to protect baggage handlers. So don't be buying any of those larger size holdalls so popular at moment. A few weeks ago when we were at Manchester the check in looked like a second hand clothes bazaar, there were that many people swopping stuff from case to case to get under the single item limit.


Message posted by Graham T-A on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 7:30pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
Graham T-A
Too right Ian. The weight limit is 32 Kilo for a single bag due to H&S regulations. They will not accept anything above this level even if you only have one case between two people so are technically under the weight limit..

Message posted by Robin Hood on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 7:36pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
Robin Hood

When we flew to Corfu in May one guy had his 32kg. plus case returned to him in the departure lounge and told to reduce the weight.

I think he got on the plane wearing several shirts and pairs of shorts.

Message posted by jedi (Avatar Admin) on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 7:58pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

Hi Socrates

We flew Britannia mid August from Birmingham. Both our cases were 23kgs.
No excess payment was asked for and other than them sticking big orange labels on saying 'Heavy' - no problems.

Both cases were significantly heavier coming back but again no problems and no payments asked for.


Message posted by BoltonLynda on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 8:01pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

The last time we flew with Britannia to Corfu our suitcases were ok - but they did weigh the hand luggage and we had to swap some stuff from one bag to another.  Seeing as this didnt affect the overall weight - and we were carrying these bags ourselves, this did seem a little over cautious, but rules are rules I suppose!  I agree with the comment about the large suitcases.  We bought two cos they looked fab in the shop.  Not only are you well over the weight limit if you fill them up, but they look sooooo much bigger when you get them in the confined space of a small apartment!  And they take up nearly all of our spare bedroom lol!



Message posted by mostin on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 8:28pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer

Hi hope you have a good time, i went to corfu 4 weeks ago please note:

You are allowed 20kg if that what it says on your ticket per person but if you pack two persons clothing in one case ie 20kg + 20kg you WILL get pulled up as you are over the 32kg limit for one item, I flew with Britannia last year & they seemed abit more forgiving at the corfu end, that may of been down to the madness that end love it lol, but not this end. Plus the 20kg is your total per person, that includes all your luggage. (cases & hand luggage)

We did not get pulled because we were under (god knows how lol) but we did see some people getting pulled up & pay up at this end.

Have agood one :0)

Message posted by jules on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 9:47pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos


I have just been on the Britannia website and this is what they have on about baggage allowance.

'Your exact baggage allowance will be detailed on your flight tickets. This is usually 20Kgs (44lbs) per person but may be higher or lower depending on the product and tour operator you have chosen. Refer to your flight tickets for accurate details. Any baggage weight over and above this allowance will attract excess baggage charges at the airport.

In addition to the baggage you check-in the hold of our aircraft, we allow you to take 1 piece of hand baggage inside the aircraft with you.


Message posted by Judie on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 10:51pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
Yes you definately get 20kg for each fare paying passenger my bag was over but it had all my things and my two kids, the other bags were under (and they incluced 3 waterskis) to our total was under 80kg for the 4 of us so no charge - phew LOL

Message posted by Bob and Wendy (Uncle Bob) on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 10:58pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
Bob and Wendy

Be warned that if you are flying with Brittania from Gatwick, our experiance in July was that every party checking in had all their luggage and hand luggage weighed before checking in,  and without exception any overweight was charged, with some people having to pay quite large sums of cash.

In one or two cases arguments ensued but to no avail.

On the return journey there was no such difficultys.


Message posted by on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 11:33pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

I fly to Corfu 3 times a year, mainly with britannia and have not had a problem, my luggage is normally overweight by a kilo or 2 due to me taking things aout to friends who live in corfu.

Having said that, do be careful, I've probably been lucky, check in staff are checking more closely than they used to, and some apparently get paid commission on overwight baggage charges. Or at least thats what I overheard from 2 check in staff chatting off duty.

Britannia's excess baggage charges are:

Short haul flights (up to 7 hours duration) - ú4 per kilo or equivalent in local currency
Long haul flights (more than 7 hours duration) - ú7 per kilo or equivalent in local currency



Message posted by Sailor on 09áSeptemberá2004 at 11:33pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

Remember also that some tour ops only allow 15kg per person for hold luggage, where as normally it is 20kg. Hand luggage is 5kg. With regards to placing two lots into one case. We flew to Madiera earlier this year, and as we were only going for one week we decided on one case. Air2000 weighed it in at 28kg, but asked if that was our only case, and let it through saying we were entitled to 20kg each. I dont think you will find it is per item as stated above, but per passenger. But also remember the new HSAW Act, no one item will be handled if over 32kg, by baggage handlers.

Then again I have seen hand luggage (5kg) that look like mini suitcases on wheels with extended handles, and they go through.

Check your tickets for weight. Return journeys, remember the aircraft is normally lighter on fuel also, this does make a difference on return luggage.

Kind Regards.


Message posted by Socrates on 10áSeptemberá2004 at 2:21am - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer


Thanks for all your replies, I appreciate it. I've managed to get my check-in luggage down to 17 kgs!...and (after a struggle) I got my hand luggage to 5 kg....but only by putting my phrase books in my back pocket, my change and wallet and passport in my front pocket and by wearing the jacket I had packed in there....I need to leave room for souvenirs don't I? Hehehe.

Offski tomorrow, booked into Taverna Agni tomorrow we come!


Message posted by MED on 10áSeptemberá2004 at 2:28am - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer

So you've got room for me in your luggage then!

I'm jealous - enjoy it - MED

Message posted by Bob and Wendy (Uncle Bob) on 10áSeptemberá2004 at 9:02am - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
Bob and Wendy


Why would the return journey have less fuel?

They refuel at Corfu, they use BP.


Message posted by MartynG on 10áSeptemberá2004 at 10:14am - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

Hi Socrates

There is a simple solution to your luggage problem - just take half of it out of the case, leave it on the bed, close the case and head to the airport - problem solved.  In your heart of hearts, you know that you'll only wear half of what you've packed (LOL)

Sailor - aircraft refuel for each sector as any excess weight - i.e, carrying fuel for a retun trip - means extra fuel burn on take off, save the legal quanitiy required for diversions (minimum, one hour, if memory serves correctly).


Message posted by Judie on 10áSeptemberá2004 at 10:47am - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
If they use BP Bob then I hope the pilot's got a nectar card LOL

Message posted by Sailor on 10áSeptemberá2004 at 12:38pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

Hi Bob,

I agree, they might fuel at Corfu, but know doubt as may have others, I have been on many flights going back to UK from Greece, Spain, etc, where the Captain has decided to maintain his slot has worked his sums, and decided to go without refuelling. I have also seen this on one of the many Airline programmes on TV.

Aircraft do leave the UK with a full fuel load but then may only take on enough to top up as you described. The less they have on landing the better. Remember the flight from Glasgow the other week, took off, for Spain I think, and had a puncture/Wheel problem on take off. The Captain decided to return to Glasgow to have it checked out, but at to circle for three and half hours over Glasgow before landing.

Best Wishes.


Message posted by purrypuss (Moderator) on 11áSeptemberá2004 at 10:33pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
Going out Briatannia were fine, but coming home people were being charged about six euros per kilo over weight, the reps were warning everyone about this, I was feeling sick as I had no money left but luckily I was OK, but they were pretty strict.

Message posted by doug on 12áSeptemberá2004 at 2:42pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

I use Brittania airways 5 times a year and it varies from flight / airport .On one occasion this year i was charged ú4 per kilo excess baggage going out to Corfu and on another occasion had my hand luggage weighed and had to transfer some books etc into my main case.The majority of the time there does not seem to be any problem.


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