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zeus appartments

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  Corfu : Barbati, Ipsos and Dassia
Subject Topic:

zeus appartments

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Message posted by leem on 26March2005 at 6:15pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer

hi peeps im goin to ipsos on sept 2nd 05 and staying at the zeus aptmts. i went in 2002 but av bin told they av bin done up are they nice? also is deno still there? and is the greek nite still in the mountains?.we add a fab time last time just six gals so im takin the family this time.  

Message posted by frantoniamama on 01April2005 at 1:14pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos


Hi Leem

Here is a link with some great reviews of your apartments.




Message posted by jimjamjpw on 25May2005 at 9:57pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer

Hiya, i am travelling to Zeus apartments in july with hubby and 9yr old.  is it really as bad as lots of the reviews i am reading? is it going to be full of teens rolling in at five in the morning? i am not good without my sleep!  Also, does anybody know if there is a golf course anywhere on Corfu?  


Message posted by Trace (Profile Location Assistant) on 25May2005 at 10:13pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

Hi there jimjamjpw,

I can't help you with regard to the Zeus apartments but yes, there is one golf course on the Island, situated in the Ropa Valley


Message posted by Nicola88 on 26May2005 at 4:36pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer

Could anyone tell me how near the zues apparetments are to Christina studios? I heard that they were just along the road.

Thanks x



Message posted by daftbird on 27May2005 at 8:42am - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos

Hi Nicola,

The Zues studios are just on the main road and Christina is just across the road, down a 200-300m path, down the side of the football pitch , I believe.



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