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The Paxos Travel Guide

The Time in Paxos is 08:00

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Beaches on Paxos

 - Paxos Travel Guide


The beaches of Paxos are mostly pebble or a mixture of pebbles and sand. In the bay of Lakka the pebble beaches are unusual in that they give way to sand under the water. On the more sheltered east coast there are about 30 beaches, varying in size, all best accessed by boat though a few can be reached by road and most of them on foot. Continue for full details of Paxos beaches.
 - Paxos Travel Guide


At the southern point of Paxos, one of the best beaches on the island is the sandy beach of Mongonissi, which has recently been dynamited out of cliffs and filled with sand. It has easy access by road from Gaios. Wonderful, clear blue sea and perfectly safe bathing. There is free mooring for up to 50 boats and yachts. Shower and toilet facilities are available along with wind surfing and paddle boats There is also a friendly family run taverna with evening Greek dancing.
 - Paxos Travel Guide

Kaki Langada .

This beach is north of Gaios and is sheltered with pebbles. There is a cantina on the beach during the high season.
 - Paxos Travel Guide


A fine shingle beach about five minutes walk south of Loggos and one of the busiest beaches on Paxos in the high season.. It has a very popular taverna with a wide selection of food on offer.
 - Paxos Travel Guide

Kipos and Marmari

The beaches of Kipos and Marmari are near to Loggos. Beautiful small coves in a pretty bay with welcome shade from the olive trees that grow right down to the shoreline. Only accessible by walking or by boat.
 - Paxos Travel Guide

Pounda and Kipiadi

Further south from Loggos can be found the beach of Pounda, down a small track from the main road. This track also branches south to the long, pebble beach of Kipiadi. This is a favourite anchorage for yachts
 - Paxos Travel Guide

Harami and Kanoni

Harama and Kanoni are two lovely beaches inside the bay of Lakka. Beautiful clear waters with a sandy bottom, gently shelving, so very popular with families. HAbove the shoreline are bright pebbles - bleached white by the sunlight. The beaches here are perfect for swimming - especially those with young families as the protected bay of Lakka ensures that is does not become rough at anytime.
 - Paxos Travel Guide

Monodendri and Glyfada

The most popular beach along the stretch of coast from Lakka south to Loggos is Monodendri. (the name means single tree). It has several facilities. Glyfada is further south but as this can only be reached along a steep footpath from the south, it is rarely visited. Water sports are available at Monodendri Beach
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