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The Paxos Travel Guide

The Time in Paxos is 11:04

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Paxos Travel Guide -Greece

Paxos, Greece - Officially listed as one of the top ten great escapes in the world!

Welcome to Paxos, Greece! The Agni Paxos team, located on the Loggos waterfront, have worked hard to create the new Paxos Travel Guide and offer a refreshing selection of travel articles on Paxos and ideas to enhance your holiday on Paxos.

What is In the Paxos Travel Guide?

Learn more about Paxos and its three main resorts of Gaios, Loggos and Lakka. Plan your holiday with our guides, maps and menus for information on Paxos.  Plus, find out the best time to visit, how to travel around Paxos, what to see, best beaches on Paxos, food and wine, and where to eat. With crystal clear waters, pretty harbours and quiet bays - Paxos awaits!!

 - Paxos Overview - Paxos Overview - Paxos Travel Guide

Getting to Paxos

Paxos has no airport, thankfully, as this has helped keep the crowds away! Most visitors reach Paxos by flying into Corfu and then taking a ferry, hydrofoil or Seaplane to Gaios, Paxos: How to Get to Paxos

Paxos Villas, Houses and Apartments to Rent

The Paxos Travel Guide offers 'unpackaged' Paxos rental properties, including luxury villas with swimming pools, Typical Paxiot houses and apartments - all individually hand-picked by us. Villas and Apartments on Paxos

Have You Recently Returned from Paxos or Greece?

If you have just returned from Paxos, why not add your comments to our popular message boards? Our Paxos forum is also a great resource for finding Paxos travel ideas and where you can ask Paxos holiday questions: Paxos Forum

Introduction to Paxos

Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands, lying just 11 km from the southernmost tip of Corfu. Many visitors return year after year to Paxos to experience the intimacy of this peaceful haven, the genuine friendliness of the local Paxiots, and the captivating scenery. Paxos is covered in many olive groves intersected by dry-stone walls and paths, that often lead to a derelict villa or abandoned stone olive press! The gnarled and twisted olive trees, some of them hundreds of years old, shelter numerous species of wild flowers at their roots, while here and there, small vineyards flourish. This serene and unspoiled landscape is what makes a holiday to the island of Paxos truly memorable.

 - Mongonissi - Beaches on Paxos - Paxos Travel Guide

Since the 1960s, many of the 2,500 inhabitants of Paxos are involved with tourism, fishing and the production of olive oil. Paxiot olive oil is of very high in quality. Olive oil is also made into soap and shampoo. These local products can be bought from shops on the Gaios water front.

 - Gaios - Paxos Villages - Paxos Travel Guide

 Tourism has been gently introduced. There are excellent beaches and quiet coves on Paxos, with crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming. Paxos is famous for clear turquoise waters. Although only one or two are sandy beaches, Paxos has the most magical clear swimming waters for you to enjoy. The island has become a favourite vacation destination but, thankfully, remains unspoilt.

 - General - Beaches on Paxos - Paxos Travel Guide


Paxos - Algorithm

During your Google search for Paxos, you may have spotted some results concerning the Paxos Algorithm which did not seem related to your holiday search! The Paxos Algorithm is based on recent archaeological discoveries on the island of Paxos that revealed how the local parliament functioned even though they were distanced far from Athens. Messages from the state, to Paxos, where often delayed or lost in transit. The principles of how the ancient Paxos parliament was able to continue and choose which messages to accept have been used to describe the complex processing between multiple computers! The resulting Paxos algorithm is now used by large computer systems, including Google. For more details: Paxos Algorithm

Paxos - Did You Know?

It is believed that the shipping magnate, Aristotle Onasis, was a big fan of the island of Paxos and therefore donated funds to build the main road which runs from Gaios to Lakka!

Paxos Churches and History

The islanders of Paxos do a complete change around from summer to winter. During the summer months, many are running or working in restaurants and tavernas to cater for the tourist. While during the winter months, help with the olive gathering and harvest, any building/maintenance repairs and some having a well earned holiday.

Paxos - Holiday Destination

Paxos, thankfully, has been missed by the mass tourist hoards that have invaded other Greek islands. Maybe this is due to the lack of airport or simply because there is so little to do! Those seeking action packed adventure holidays may be disappointed.  (The distinct lack of nightclubs?) No, Paxos offers those who enjoy Greece gone by, quiet beaches, time to catch up on reading a favourite book or the starting of the much delayed memoir?

It is hard to describe the way Paxos makes you feel. From the moment you arrive - stepping off the hydrofoil or seaplane, to your first visit to a local taverna on the Loggos water front, you manage to leave your problems behind. It is not just that Paxos is years from anywhere, or that the pace of life is so much slower, but probably something to do with the friendly locals and climate.


 - Paxos Overview - Paxos Overview - Paxos Travel Guide

Paxos - History

Legend says that Paxos was created when Poseidon struck Corfu with his trident, causing the southernmost tip to break off and float away to become the separate island of Paxos. Paxos then became his 'love nest', where he could hide from his jealous wife and conduct his affair with the nymph Amphytrite, in peace and seclusion!!

Paxos - Statistics

Paxos Population: 2,502
Location of Paxos: Ionian Islands, North-West Greek Coast (3912′N 2010′E)
Paxos Capital: Gaios
Paxos Island Size: 30km (10km Long and 4km Wide)
Highest Point on Paxos: 116m
Coastline of Paxos: 22 km
Number of Beaches on Paxos: 21 (Sandy and Shingle)
Language Spoken on Paxos: Greek (English commonly spoken)

Corfu Weather

Paxos - Climate and Weather

Most holiday on Paxos,  from early May until mid October.  The hottest (and driest) months being July and August where the temperature will often reach 35c. Few tourists visit during the winter months as it is difficult to get to Paxos from Corfu or the mainland.

Month Av Sun (hours) High Temp (C) Low Temp (C) Sea Temp (C) Rain
Jan 4 14 13 15 13
Feb 5 15 13 15 11
Mar 7 16 14 14 9
Apr 7 19 15 17 7
May 9 23 18 21 5
June 10 28 22 23 2
July 12 31 23 25 1
Aug 11 32 24 27 1
Sept 9 28 23 24 5
Oct 6 23 21 22 9
Nov 4 19 17 19 12
Dec 2 16 14 16 15


 - Loggos - Paxos Villages - Paxos Travel Guide

Gaios - Paxos Capital

Gaios is the largest of the three main villages on Paxos, and the only one that can be called a town, albeit a very small one! Gaios, the 'capital' of the island, shows its Venetian and British heritage in the colourful buildings that line the water front. Life in Gaios focuses on the harbour where in high season, awe-inspiring yachts jostle for space, along with local boats of all kinds. A super variety of Tavernas, chic boutiques and old-fashioned stores make Gaios a fascinating place to visit, with a Greek atmosphere all of its own: Gaios Paxos

Loggos - Paxos

Loggos is one of the prettiest villages in Paxos and remains unspoilt. The tiny fishing harbour of Loggos itself is enchanting, colourful enough for any artist or photographer, with a refreshingly intimate atmosphere. Three mini-markets, a bakery with wonderful fresh bread every day and supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables brought over regularly from the mainland, make self-catering a simple matter - but who could resist the conviviality and choice of excellent food at the Loggos waterfront tavernas? Freshly-caught fish and lobster is on the menu every night and there is an attractively cosmopolitan 'buzz'. Local taxis wait for dinners to finish their meal, ready to whisk them back to their villa: Loggos Paxos

Lakka - Paxos

Lakka lies at the head of a deep narrow bay on the north coast of Paxos. Tree-covered headlands almost enclose the bay, forming a natural harbour that attracts a variety of yachts. The tiny village has narrow streets that all seem to end at the sea. Plants and trees spill over the walls of private local gardens. With numerous small shops, bars and tavernas with a pleasing variety of food on offer, Lakka, with its friendly locals, has a special character all of its own. There are some excellent beaches close by, with natural shade, some with water sports and beautiful walks through the olive groves towards the 'Farros' (light house) that illuminates the headland during the night, directing staying yachts into the bay: Lakka Paxos  

 - Lakka - Paxos Villages - Paxos Travel Guide

Paxos Villas and Rental

Villa to Rent in Gaios - Paxos

Villa Parga, Gaios, Paxos
Sleeps 4-10, Private Pool

Villa with private swimming pool, from which a short flight of steps gives access to the idyllic beach fringed by trees and lapped by the vividly coloured waters of Paxos. The modern Villa Parga sleeps up to ten, with the accommodation arranged over two floors. The seaviews are quite superb:
Villa with Pool on Paxos

Villa with pool to rent in Lakka Paxos

Villa Kostas, Just outside Lakka, Paxos
Sleeps 2-4, Private Pool

A delightful stone cottage with private pool and large sun-bathing patio, courtyard and BBQ area. Offers a perfect setting for a very relaxing holiday on the island of Paxos. Situated just outside of Lakka, yet Loggos is just a short distance away. Nearby Tavernas and Beaches that can be reached by foot: Villa with Pool in Lakka

Villa and apartment Rental in Loggos Paxos

Spiros Jetty House, Loggos, Paxos
Sleeps 2-4
The Jetty House occupies one of the most unique positions in Loggos - on a jetty! With views of the whole harbour from the front and seaviews to the rear: House to rent on Paxos

Villa with shared pool to rent Paxos

Dolphin Villas, Mongonissi, Paxos
Sleeps 2-4, Shared Pool

At the southern tip of Paxos is the pretty bay of Mongonissi, boasting the only sandy beach on Paxos! Dolpin Villas offer a wonderful place to unwind and absorb the tranquil sea views over to Anti paxos and the Greek mainland. With a large pool, the beach just below and yet a taverna within walking distance, you will be in heaven: Apartment with Pool on Paxos

Paxos Travel Guides

Paxos Overview

Paxos, with it's translucent waters and their astonishingly vivid colours, the picturesque harbours and villages, the tranquil bays and silent olive groves, have earned the island of Paxos a place in the travel magazines as one of the Top Twenty Great Escapes! We can help you learn more information about Paxos before you visit, how to get there and prepare you to enjoy a truly magical holiday in Greece. Find out about Gaios, the capital, Loggos and Lakka. Paxos is one of the most revisited Greek islands. Let us show you why Greece is so popular!

Paxos Villages

Gaios, is the tiny 'capital' of the island of Paxos. The main square of Gaios is a great place to stop and enjoy coffee while people watching. Lakka, formerly a fishing village has become a popular Paxos holiday destination, one that continues to attract yachts of all kinds, thanks to its safe moorings. Loggos is the smallest of the three main villages on Paxos, an enchanting old fishing harbour. Our Paxos office is located on the Loggos water front.

Paxos Accommodation

The Paxos Travel Guide (by Agni Travel) offers an excellent selection of over 25 properties on Paxos, from luxury villas with pools in Gaios and Lakka to quiet beach-front cottages and apartments at Loggos. We can help you make Paxos, Greece your next tailor-made holiday destination. You can even consider a twin-centre trip to Paxos with a few days on nearby Corfu.

Walking On Paxos

Paxos is a very small island (10km x 4km), and the distances between villages, such as Loggos and Lakka are such that walking from one to the other is perfectly feasible. Walking through the ancient Paxiot olive groves, you come across more churches than you might think possible, quiet beaches and friendly locals.

How To Get To Paxos

There is no airport on tiny Paxos - a factor that has helped to keep the crowds at bay; until recently, access was only possible by ferry boat from Corfu or the Greek mainland to Gaios. The introduction of a seaplane service has added a certain romantic thrill to travel to Paxos. Most visitors coming to Paxos for a holiday fly to nearby Corfu (Greece), which is located 11 km north of Paxos and then take one of the several transfer options. It is also possible to get to Paxos from Italy by ferry.

Anti Paxos

There are excellent beaches and quiet coves on Paxos, with crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming. Paxos is famous for clear turquoise waters. Although only one or two are sandy beaches, Paxos has the most magical clear swimming waters for you to enjoy. The beaches of Paxos are mostly pebble or a mixture of pebbles and sand. In the bay of Lakka the pebble beaches are unusual in that they give way to sand under the water. On the more sheltered east coast there are about 30 beaches, varying in size, all best accessed by boat though a few can be reached by road and most of them on foot. Continue for full details of Paxos beaches.

Beaches on Paxos

There are excellent beaches and quiet coves on Paxos, with crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming. Although only one or two are sandy beaches, Paxos has the most magical clear swimming waters for you to enjoy. The beaches of Paxos are mostly pebble or a mixture of pebbles and sand. In the bay of Lakka the pebble beaches are unusual in that they give way to sand under the water. On the more sheltered east coast there are about 30 beaches, varying in size, all best accessed by boat though a few can be reached by road and most of them on foot.

Interesting places on Paxos

Paxos appeals to everyone who enjoys an unsophisticated holiday. There is an abundance of beauty here, wild life, history, scenery, a friendly local lifestyle. All that's missing are casinos, clubs. But who goes to Paxos for that? Paxos has something for everyone - except that determined night reveler! Please do find time to visit the Olive Press Museum on the main road between Gaios and Lakka, just outside the village of Magazia. This was built in 1865, re-purchased and renovated in 1936 and was still working until 1960. It has now recently been restored and you can now visit to see the olive press working and purchase local produce. Open from 1100 - 1400 hours every day.

Agni Travel Paxos Office

Our Paxos Office is located on the water front in Loggos. Agni Travel, which brings you the Paxos Travel Guide, has an extensive portfolio of properties for rent on Paxos in the areas of Gaios, Loggos, Lakka and Mongonissi. Our Paxos office is open during the summer months and we welcome website visitors to come and meet us.

Paxos Frequent Questions

Common holiday questions about Paxos: Doctors, Police, Banks/Cash machines, Pharmacies, Telephones, Weather, Shopping times, Public Holidays/Festivals, Tavernas/Bars. We also describe the weather: Some people prefer the heat, others would rather the temperatures were lower even at the risk of the odd shower. Paxos in summer is generally hot, (sometimes too hot) with maximum temperatures around 35 C, with little or no rain, and cooling sea breezes in the afternoon.

Paxos History

Paxos is a very tiny island but has been around a very long time! It has a history of invasions, therefore obtaining a wide range of European cultures. After a visit to Paxos, we are sure you will find out why Paxos has been fought over so often! It is traditionally believed that the Phoenicians were the first to settle Paxos, and that the name may be derived from the Phoenician word 'paks' meaning 'slate'. The Metropolitan Archbishop of Paramythia, Athenagoras, says 'Paxos' refers to the flagstones that came from the islands' quarries and were exported.

Nature on Paxos

During the early months of Summer, Paxos is ablaze with a wonderful selection of wild flowers. A large variety of Birds also frequent Paxos throughout the year. Thanks to the Venetians, there are also thousands of Olive Trees on Paxos providing a plentiful supply of olives and of course, olive oil. Paxos is famed for having some of the finest organic olive oil in the world. On Paxos you will see the donkey working, not as often now, but still to a certain extent. It is said that when a Greek lady is widowed and wears black, this is to celebrate being able to put the donkey back outside - the men folk insist they should be kept indoors. A Paxos 'legend' perhaps!!

Food and Wine

Greek island holidays focus on food. Nothing could be more enjoyable than a relaxing Greek taverna after a long day on the beach! Sadly, many associate Greek food with a bland soggy Mousaka, served with chips! It is true that during the 70's and 80's (Greece's early tourist years), this was often the case. Thankfully things have dramatically changed, especially on Paxos, and now you can expect to find modern cosmopolitan Paxiot food.

Getting around in Paxos

Hire a car and enjoy the freedom of viewing Paxos at leisure, take the local bus to travel in the same way as the Paxiots or use a local taxi. The choice is yours to see the most of the picturesque island of Paxos. Alternatively, hire a small motor boat and enjoy the coastal villages of Paxos or its neighbouring tiny island of Anti Paxos.

Learn Greek On Line

What better way to start your holiday on Paxos by chatting to the locals. This is a short course of five lessons, after which you should have a knowledge of useful conversation Greek phrased and words.

Island Hopping

Paxos or Corfu? Are you finding it difficult to choose between two enticing Greek island locations? Why not indulge yourself and stay on Paxos and Corfu and enjoy the wonders of both islands? Agni Travel can help you plan your holiday.

Photo Gallery

This is a place where you can share your Paxos holiday photos with our online community and the world. To post your pictures you must be a registered user, but anyone can browse the pictures. If it captures the spirit of a Paxos holiday, it belongs in our gallery.

Weddings in Paxos

Getting married in Greece combines the advantages of a wonderful climate and a wedding organised at a greatly reduced cost - all just a few hours' flight away. Why not choose Paxos as the ideal, idyllic place for this romantic day?

Paxos Forum

Our Paxos Forum and Message Boards Paxos Forum

Hotels on Paxos

Most of the accommodation on Paxos is Villas with private pools or Apartments. For example in Loggos, there are villas above the bay and many apartments down by the water. There are just two hotels on Paxos: the Paxos Club Hotel and the Paxos Beach Hotel.

Paxos Real Estate

The Paxos Property Agency specialises in helping people to buy and sell building land, old houses for renovation, modern villas and businesses on the island of Paxos. The Paxos Property Agency has a wide range of professionals with many years experience in property work and tourism in it's team and also offers a wide range of other services: building and renovation project management, property consultancy, housing loan (mortgage) advisory service, property management and maintenance.