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Ancona ferry port

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  Travel To Greece Forum : General Holiday Questions
Subject Topic:

Ancona ferry port

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Message posted by Nicos on 27 December 2006 at 10:31pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer
I am hoping to travel from Corfu to UK in February as cheaply as possible. I have used ferry to Venice in the past but have been told Ancona is quicker and just as cheap. Does anybody know how to get from ferry port to the airport?  

Message posted by Jimmy H on 27 December 2006 at 11:03pm - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer Corfu Photos
Jimmy H

I did this last year but forgot the bus numbers but I found the following and it all came back to me.

Walk down to the waterfront, and buy a bus ticket to the train station from the newsstand (1 euro), then walk around the corner and up the hill so that you’re standing in front of the old theatre. Wait here for Bus #1. Take this bus to the train station, and get off (the train station is an obvious stop, about 10 minutes ride). At the train station, go inside and buy a ticket from the tobacco shop (not from the newsstand) to the airport (2 euro). Catch Bus #J from in front of the train station to the airport — it takes about 35 minutes. Good luck.



Message posted by Mr. Mythos on 01 January 2007 at 11:42am - IP Logged Legal Disclaimer
Mr. Mythos

Or use the train to the airport station, takes 15 minutes, but less frequent than the buses.

Don't forget that the Ancona ships stop at igoumenitsa and not Corfu.  Ships on this run are generally bigger, faster and newer than the Venice line.

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