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Metropolis Church Argostoli

Back to Top of Metropolis Church Argostoli PageChurch of the Annunciation

The large church of the Annunciation is usually referred to as 'Metropolis' as it is situated near the Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia.
The Holy Metropolis is divided into five Archieratic Regions which are headed by the Archieratic Bishop appointed by the Metropolitan. The headquarters and administrative offices are situated close to the church in Argostoli.
Feastday is on the 25th March Evagelismos day.
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Back to Top of Metropolis Church Argostoli PageHoly Metropolis of Kefalonia

The Spiritual Centre of the Holy Metropolis is located within the grounds of The Church of Annunciation. It was named after the Apostle Saint Paul. The hall is used for lectures and festive events by the local Church itself as well by schools and other local organizations.
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