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SKALA, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel GuideSKALA, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel GuideSKALA, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel Guide

Back to Top of SKALA PageNightlife in Skala

Nightlife is centred round the bars and tavernas and you will find live entertainment on most nights.
The club Spilio (Cave) is on the road towards Poros and is the local nightclub.

Back to Top of SKALA PageSKALA

Skala is set on a very long golden sandy beach on the southernmost tip of the island, 37 kms from the island's capital Argostoli and is one of the most popular resorts on Kefalonia.

The distinguishing feature of Skala is the forest of pine trees which separates the land from the sea. Its lovely beach is a mixture of sand and shingle which stretches for miles along the coast towards the resort and port of Poros 12 kms away. You have a choice of lively beachlife with its beachside snack bars, sunbed and beach umbrellas for hire and water sports, or you can opt for the quieter beach by walking along the shoreline until you find your own secluded piece of paradise.

In the village and resort of Skala you will find a selection of tavernas, restaurants,bars and supermarkets to cater for all your needs along the main street which leads down to a small square.

Skala is an ideal resort for walkers who can discover a wealth of natural beauty in the surrounding countryside and wonder at the Roman mosaic floors found in the middle of a sun-lit olive grove.

Back to Top of SKALA PageSpeedboat Transfer Skala to Poros

Daily speedboat from Skala to Pors takes only 15 minutes. For more information telephone 0030 6975 368975

Water Taxi

Water Taxi service operates from Skala by Captain Vangelis's glass bottom boat. Trips go from Skala to Poros port or to the beautiful fishing village of Katelios where you will find one of the local beaches is lined with fish restaurants. Journey time takes around ten minutes.

Back to Top of SKALA PageGlass Bottom Boat trips from Skala

Captain Vangelis offers cruising aboard the luxurious, high speed yacht Mythos. Explore scenic coastlines and discover the hidden treasures of the sea bed. Explore the marine wildlife in crystal clear waters and and enjoy an exclusive beach bbq at sunset. Captain Vangelis and the crew of Mythos Glass Bottom Boat will make this the most unforgettable day of your holiday.
Cruises: Kefalonia Coast Cruise, Ithaca, Zante, Kakava
Embarkation Point: Skala Beach
Bookings: in front of Aegialis Apartments
+30 6972 693260


Captain Spathis Vangelis
Skala 28086, Kefalonia Greece
Skalina Tours - More Information
Glass Bottom Boat Skala Skalina Tours website.
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Back to Top of SKALA PageTurtles near Skala

 - Kefalonia Travel Guide

Katelios Environmental And Cultural Centre

The Marine Turtle Project was set up to observe and record the nesting female turtles on the beaches of Kaminia and Mounda and consists mainly of local people and volunteer students from all over the world. The office and museum is situated within this building and visitors are welcome.

Back to Top of SKALA PageSkala Temple of Apollo

Situated outside Skala about 3 kms along the coastal road towards Poros is the site of the 6th century BC Temple dedicated to the god Apollo. Here you can see the foundation stones and parts of three Doric columns.
To the right of the ruins is the small chape of Aghios Giorgios which was rebuilt after the earthquake using some of the stone from the walls of the ancient temple of Apollo
A column that was used as a pedestal for the chapel's aler can now be found in the Archaeological Museum in Argostoli.
Facing the church are a couple of tracks leading off to he right, one of which takes you to the top of a cliff which overlooks a small harbour. If you walk behind the church and temple foundations one of the paths leads down to the man made harbour and a shingle beach.

Back to Top of SKALA PageRoman Villa in Skala

The remains of the Roman villa were accidentally discovered in 1944 by the owner of the land in which it was found. Excavations started in 1957. The villa belonged to a wealthy Roman in the 3rd century AD.

One of the mosaic floors depicts an altar with a sacrificial bull, a ram and a boar and a man about to kill the bull.
Another mosaic shows Fthonos or 'Envy' being attacked and eaten by four wild animals - lion, tiger, panther and leopard.

At a later period a church was built over part of the villa. The remains of the mosaic floors are today protected by glass and a walkway has been constructed around the viewing panels.

Open daily from 9-3 pm, with free entrance. Closed on Mondays

Back to Top of SKALA PageDolphin Water Sports Skala

Dolphin Ski Club and water sports, located on Skala beach, Kefalonia.

Mike and Mike have been partners since 1986, so you can feel confident and relaxed with their expertise and experience in water sports. They offer a friendly profesional service (and speak good English.)

Dolphin Water Sports Club has all the latest equipment and rides available. Come along and enjoy yourselves. There is something for everyone, all day.


0030 6973 234 692
0030 6974 848 001


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