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POROS, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel GuidePOROS, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel Guide

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The port-town of Poros provides a significant link with its daily ferry service between Kefalonia and mainland Greece. After the earthquake of 1953, when the few fishermen's houses which made up the village were destroyed, it was rebuilt with the assistance of the British. The town is set amidst dramatic scenery of mountains Atros and Pahni and its coastline provides beaches and a safe port. The ravine of Poros is an 80 metre deep precipice, with steep slopes where you will see hollows in the rocks - the footprints of the mythological Hercules. River Vohinas springs from a 'bottomless' lake, with is a dry bed river in the summer months but in winter, flows through Poros.

Poros is a good place for walking and hiking and the beaches are generally uncrowded. As it is not known as a sophisticated resort, the pace is slow with a traditional Greek 'feel' and you will not be paying top prices here. Walkers may like to hike to the oldest monastery on Kefalonia. Walk for about 3 km along the beach in a north-west direction, then follow the path up into the mountain of Atros. The path ends at the monastery of the Virgin Mary, at the top of a 500 metre high hill. Views from here are absolutely stunning.

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Poros is not generally offered as a package holiday destination by the British tour operators. It went 'out of fashion' as the resorts of Skala, Katelios, Lourdas, Trapezaki, etc in the south became more developed. However as a working Greek town which does not close out of tourist season it provides an authentic Greek location for a holiday which will be appreciated by discerning independent travellers.
Poros is a working port as well as a holiday resort and has a loyal following of returning guests. It is a place that attracts the unpretentios visitor who revels in all things Greek. Little has changed in Poros over the last twenty years and it still attracts island-hopping Grecophiles from across Europe and maintains a very cosmopolitan feel.

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Mycenean Tomb at Tzanata near Poros Kefalonia

Some say that the 'tomb of Odysseus' has been found near Poros and this discovery is the most important archaeological discovery since Heinrich Schlieman discovered Troy. IF this were true, the modern island of Ithaca and its capital Vathi would not be the island and city which Homer wrote about in the Odyssey and the Iliad.

Early finds in Poros

Early finds in Poros date back to 5700 BC.
Was Odysseus buried in a tomb near Poros?

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Poros Photos, POROS, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel Guide Poros Photos, POROS, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel Guide Poros Photos, POROS, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel Guide Poros Photos, POROS, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel Guide Poros Photos, POROS, Kefalonia Resort Guide, Kefalonia Travel Guide
Photos of Poros from Kristi Apartment-Hotel
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Poros is the largest town of the new Elios-Pronnoi municipality, who have produced a self-guided walking trail in the area, which should take around 3 hours. Starting point is on the way to Asprogeraka village. Other local villages are Riza, Kabitsata and Tzanata.
Local caiques (traditional Greek fishing boats, which have been converted for pleasure-cruising) operate out of Poros to nearby beaches such as Koutsoupia, which are otherwise inaccessible by road. It is also a good base from which to cruise over to the islands of Ithaca and Zante.

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Ferry links are operated by Ionian Ferries and Strinzis Lines.

In low season turn up at the ferry port and buy your ticket from one of the offices or kiosks.

Pets are catered for in their own accommodation with shared balcony and sea view!

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