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Sidari Corfu

Back to Top of Sidari PageSidari

Sidari is actually two small coastal villages connected by a long sweeping sandy beach and two smaller beaches. With the effects of tourism, the villages have merged together over the last few years to make one large resort.

Back to Top of Sidari PageWho is the Resort for

Families looking for a package holiday. The resort is much larger than Roda. There are several beaches and many activities. It is certainly a more livelier resort than most, but is becoming a little too commercialised.

Back to Top of Sidari PageThe Beach

There are three beaches. The first near the old fishing harbour which is well kept and offers sunbeds and watersports.
The middle beach, the main one, is a huge long sandy sweeping bay. There are loads of sun beds and unbrellas available.
The beach to the West is where you will find the famous 'Canal D'Amour. These remarkable cliffs and rock formations have been caused by wind erosion. I would like to mention, that the area around the canal did smell a little


All the beaches are sandy.

Sun Beds

The main beach has hundreds of sun beds and umbrellas. The beach near the Canal even has them clinging to the rock faces!


No toilets, but plenty of beach and snack bars along the beaches.

Child Suitability

The main beach is very child friendly and is away from the road. The canal though has some very dangerous unmarked lethal cliffs - do not let children explore on their own.


The are car parks very close to the beaches. The main beach is very flat, offering excellent accessibility. The canal has some rough stony paths from the parking area and the walk would be unsuitable for the elderly.

Cleanliness and Urchins

The beach was clean - although again a few cigarette ends. There are no urchins.

Back to Top of Sidari PagePlaces of Interest

The main Sidari village has a small very pretty park for the local Church.

Some of the flowers there are stunning and the park is well maintained.

Back to Top of Sidari PagePlaces Nearby

To the East is Roda - about a 10 min drive. To the West the stunning 'Sunset Beach' - about a 15 min drive - although I met a couple who had walked it ! For those that like walking, only a few steps will take you away from the busy resort to small typically Greek villages - completely untouched by tourism it seems.

Back to Top of Sidari PageHow to get to Sidari

Sidari being the larges Northern resort is well signposted. From Roda, take the main road until you come to the large tee-junction. As you enter the resort is seems a little scruffy, but the center is much better.
Your first turning on the right takes you to the most easterly beach. I would avoid that one and head further into the town to the main beach. You will see the beach clearly from the road and there is plenty of parking. If you continue you will see the signs (in about 1km). The road to the canal is very narrow, but fine - there seems limited parking for the amount of available sun beds! Again take very good care of children near the canal.
end of column

Back to Top of Sidari PageAccommodation in Sidari

Apartment-Hotel Summertime

Back to Top of Sidari PageTavernas in Sidari

There are lots of tavernas and restaurants in Sidari. All sorts of cuisine can be found, including Greek, English and Chinese.

Back to Top of Sidari PageBars and Nightclubs in Sidari

You will find loads of bars in Sidari - some relaxing and traditional, others with big screen TVs showing the latest live sports events.

Back to Top of Sidari PageWater Sports in Sidari

Every type of water sports seems to be available. All except jet ski. You will find water ski, banana rides, paragliding, ringos and scuba diving.

Boat Rental

Motor boats from 15-25hp are available at the 'Yellow Boat Company'. They are rented by the hour and the price includes petrol. No license is needed. For safety, you are given a mobile phone with the boats, and you can go as far as Perulathes to the West and Roda to the East.

Back to Top of Sidari PageShopping in Sidari

There are all kinds of shops in Sidari. Whether you are looking to buy souvenirs or daily needed items, you will find it without a problem.


Sidari is full of supermarkets making sure you'll find whatever you will need.

Back to Top of Sidari PageExcursions

Loads of excursions can be arranged. Boat trips to the nearby islands, BBQ trips, even a coach trip to Albania.

Back to Top of Sidari PageUseful Sidari Information


There are several cash machines in Sidari. There are also many places you can cash traveller's cheques or exchange foreign currency.

Public Swimming Pools in Sidari

There are lots of pool type bars - some close to the beach and others in the town itself. Many are stunning and seem an idyllic way to while away the days.

Telephone and Post Box

There are lots of public telephones and post boxes in Sidari. Also many bar and tavernas have phones which can be used for international calls. The prices vary - so check before calling abroad.

Children's Facilities

There is a small horse riding centre - geared for children.
On the main beach you will find a bouncy castle and in the village several arcades. All in all, there is plenty to keep the younger ones occupied. This does though tend to make things a little bit too much like an English seaside resort.

Disabled Facilities

Sidari is very flat - other than the canal. Nearly all the roads have reasonable paved footpaths and barriers to inconsiderate path parking.
end of column