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Paleokastritsa Corfu

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PagePaleokastritsa

Pa-le-o-ka-str-it-sa (pronunciation: just let it roll off the tongue!) is set around three main bays. It is famous for being Corfu's most treasured beauty spot, and becomes busy with day trippers throughout the season. Luxury yachts sail in to admire the back drop of the beautiful green hills around Paleokastritsa, while coaches clog up the narrow roads leading into town!

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageWho is the Resort for

This is a rather large resort, so there is plenty for everyone. Paleokastritsa for me is a great day out, but I am not sure I would like to stay there.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageThe Beach

There are several different beaches and coves in the area of Paleokastritsa. The following describes the main two.


Sandy with some small stones.


You can rent Sunbeds on the beach of Paleokastritsa.


Showers and toilets.


There is parking very close to the beach - not sure if it is sufficient during the peak season - so you would be unlikely to park close to the beach. On the main beach there are a couple of steps down. The other though has none.

Cleanliness and Urchins

The beach is clean and urchin free. Some of the other coves though are rock and sure to have some lurking somewhere.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PagePlaces of Interest

The monastery (Moni Theotokou) located on the headland is the main focus of attention and was built during the 17th century. Visitors are welcome inside to view the famous ceiling carving of the 'Tree of Life', but please, out of respect, make sure that you are suitably dressed

Also worth a look are the nearby 'sea' caves. These can be visited by small 'trip boats' lasting about 30 mins.

Around the headland at Paleokastritsa you will also find an exclusive marina - home during the summer, to some seriously large yachts.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PagePlaces Nearby

 - Corfu Travel Guide

Agios Georgios (Saint George) North

Confusingly there are two Agios Georgios on Corfu - both on the West Corfu coast. This one is the most Northerly one. Here you will find a large sweeping sandy cove - ideal for the bucket and spade.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageHow to get there by Car

All roads on Corfu seem to lead to Paleokastritsa! Follow the signs and the main road out of Corfu town and drive directly there or an excellent alternative is described here:
The best way - for the views, is to go via the Troumpetas pass. Look on your map for Skipero (which is on the main Sidari road). The pass is just above.

As you drive through the pass, admire the stunning scenery. At the top take a left (if you are coming up the pass) - signposted to 'Paleokastritsa'.

You will now drive though the small mountain villages of Alimatades and Lakones. Watch out for these in the road:

This lady called Eleni I almost ran over. As I came round a bend, she leapt out in front of me! Why? Well these mountain villages are famous for this:

Grapes, but more importantly their wine! local villages line the roadside selling their homebrew. After drinking the second bottle with Eleni - it was only 9.45 am! I left with a couple of bottles, two jars of honey, a hand carved cat and all the local gossips! As you continue on the road through the village you will also find a disappointing tourist scene. The village square is now home to various gift type shops selling hand carved olive wood items, leather and fur coats! Drive swiftly though (unless you wish to visit the Anglo Castle - turning on the right).

You will now start to drive down to Paleokastritsa though narrow, twisting Greek roads. Watch out for these:

Large 'tourist' coaches block the roads at every photo opportunity viewpoint. As you enter Paleokastritsa turn right down to the main bay and look for somewhere to park. Enjoy your day there.
end of column

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageAccommodation in Paleokastritsa

There are several large hotels and apartments blocks.
But why not consider a luxury villa, house or apartment. Just check out the Corfu Properties for Rent

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageTavernas in Paleokastritsa

In the main town, there is a good choice of tavernas. They are mostly fish, and notoriously expensive.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageBars and Nightclubs in Paleokastritsa

There are a couple of music bars and clubs on the edge of the resort, nothing too rowdy though.

Cafe Bar 'Tango'

The Cafe and Bar 'Tango', which is located on the main road just on the way down to the village, is amongst Paleokastritsa's no.1 choices. Enjoy the view over Paleokastritsa while having a cold beer or a nice cocktail. The owners Katerina and Spiros will make you feel more then welcome. Don't miss out on it...

La Grotto

The entrance of 'La Grotto' is located just at the edge of Palekastritsa before entering the town.
After making your way down the countless step you will find 'La Grotto' laying in a scenic cove. Let you carry away by the relaxing music while having a cold drink.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageWater Sports in Paleokastritsa

Water sports are available including scuba-diving. They also offer a taxi boat service to some of the other quieter bays.

Boat Rental

At the edge of Paleokastritsa is a little bay from where you can rent a boat.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageShopping in Paleokastritsa

There are a lot of tourist shops in and around Paleokastritsa.


There are a lot of supermarkets in Paleokastritsa. Especially on the way down to the resort.

Back to Top of Paleokastritsa PageUseful Paleokastritsa Information


You can exchance currency and there is a cash machine on the Paleokastritsa beach beach!

Public Swimming Pools in Paleokastritsa

Several - not close to the beach though, a little higher up.

Telephone and Post Box

There are several telephones as well as post boxes in Paleokastritsa.

Children's Facilities

There is are no children's facilities in Paleokastritsa.

Disabled Facilities

Paleokastritsa has good paths and access.
end of column