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Agni Travel

  Choosing Your Holiday:

 Holiday Questions:

  During Your Holiday:

Where is the best place to stay?
It all depends on what you are looking for in a holiday. We detail each resort and villages to help you choose the ideal one for you. More>>


When is the best time to visit?
Here is a detailed report for each of the summer months. Telling you about the weather, how busy the resorts are what there is to do. More>>


Where are the best Beaches?
Our beach guide will help you. We tell you where to find: Quiet Beaches, Sandy beaches and Idyllic coves. More>>


How safe is Corfu?
If you are single and planning a holiday on your own, then safety will be a high priority. You will please to know that Greece is the safest place in Europe. More>>
How much should we budget for food?
All depends on what you drink! Most of our site regulars are heavy drinkers so you are in safe hands. The following can be used as a guide though. More>>


Has the Euro made it more expensive?
Maybe!  More>>
Should we try to Visit for Greek Easter?


Easter is more important to Greek people than Christmas - so expect an exciting 'religious' time. More>>
I like to fish while on holiday. What is the fishing like?


What better way to relax while on holiday - fishing from a jetty. To be honest there is not much to catch, but Bongo has some hints and tips to help you make the most of your time. More>
What is the price for a sun bed and umbrella on the beaches?


If you are a beach fan, then it is likely that you will need a sun bed. You will be please to know that most Tavernas and hotels provide them without charge. More>>

How can we avoid mosquitoes?
Don't let them spoil your holiday! If you take all our advice on precautions then you can eliminate or minimize their nuisance value. More>>

What happens if we need a doctor?
Should you need healthcare during you holiday - do not worry - you will be in good hands. Most Corfiot doctors speak English as they have often been trained in the UK. More>>

 Commonly Asked Taverna Questions:

 Visiting Out of Season

 New FAQs - I am working on these:

What part of Greece is that over there?

It is Albania! Not many realise that Corfu is close to this mysterious country. During your Corfu holiday, it is possible to take a day trip there. More>>

What are those black nets for under the trees?

Those locals not earning a living from tourism, often turn to Olives. Find out how they are grown, collected (using the nets!) and then pressed - the olives not the tourists! More>>


Can I drive to Corfu?

You may find that it is easier to drive to Corfu than you think - you will have the benefit of your own car on Corfu, and the opportunity to visit a few famous places on the way down. More>>


What is Christmas in Corfu like?

Christmas is usually mild and very festive. Not many Tavernas will be open, so it is essential that you get invited to a "Greek" home! More>>


How can we visit during the Winter?

If waiting for your next summer holiday is just unbearable, then why not consider a winter visit? 'Uncle Bob' our Lafki Correspondent, tells you his experiences. More>>

If you are a website member and you would like to help (yes please), then write the answer to any of the below and email it to me and I will include it.)

Should we drink the tap water?
What is the Bus service like?
Are there any nice walks? (not my cup of tea like a sunbed myself but some do)
How much to taxis cost?
How to get to Agni by bus/boat/car/taxi
sample of your menu's
trips available from Kassiopi






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