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Travel to Greece Guides > Greek Recipes > Stuffed Chicken Recipe

 Stuffed Chicken with Spinach Recipe

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Stuffed chicken breast with spinach and white wine sauce. Eleni shows you how, with a cheating recipe!

 You will need

(serves 4-6)



150g of frozen Spinach

1kg of skinned chicken breast

1 tbls of butter

Olive oil

2 glasses of white wine.

2 chopped spring onions

1 vegetable stock cube (optional)

150g of crumbled Feta cheese

6 quarters of finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes

2 eggs

1tbls of mustard seeds

250ml of cream

Fresh coarsely ground black pepper and salt



 Lets Get Cooking Our Stuffed Chicken!



1. Add 1 tbls of butter and 3 tbls of oive oil into a large frying pan. Next add 2 chopped spring onions and 150g of frozen Spinach. Place on a medium heat, stirring occasionally until ingredients are soft.


2. Remove from heat and add: vegetable stock cube, crushed black pepper and salt to taste. Return to the heat for a quick stir until stock cube has melted.


3. Remove from heat. Add the finely chopped dill, (optional: add fresh thyme). Add 150g of crumbled Feta cheese and 6 quarters of finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes.


4. Next drain any juices that many have come from the spinach.


5. Add the 2 eggs and stir in.


6. Leave for a few moments to cool down.


7. While waiting for the spinach stuffing to cool, prepare the chicken breasts. Take the 1kg of skinned chicken breasts. Carefully make a hole (pocket) from the top of the breast down to the bottom. 


8. Place chicken breasts on a hot griddle, for a few minuets on each side to 'seal' them.



9. Let them cool a little so that you can handle them ready for stuffing. Pushing the spinach stuffing into the chicken breasts.



10. Place chicken breasts on baking tray (grease with with a little olive oil). Pour over 2 glasses of white wine and top with a little crushed black pepper. Cover with aluminum foil and  bake in a hot oven (250c) for 30mins.





11. While baking the chicken breasts, make the sauce. Pour the juices from the baked chicken in a frying pan and add a tbls of butter, tea-spoon of mustard seeds, and stir.






 Once the liquid has reduced a little, add 250ml of cream. Add a little salt and pepper as needed. Stir and heat until the sauce thickens (less than 5mins).



Serve Sliced, with the cream sauce poured over the top.




Need Help?


To request help with this Stifado recipe or read how others have enjoyed it, please visit our forums: Stuffed Chicken Recipe Help

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Serving suggestion

Serve with Heineken!

Ingredient Photos

Crumbled Feta and chopped sun-dried tomatoes

Olive Oil


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