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Travel to Greece Guides > Greek Food and Wine > Greek Recipes > Prawn Saganaki Recipe

  Prawn Saganaki - Recipe

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This is a saucy, creamy, prawn number and very popular at the taverna.

 You will need

(serves 6-8)



1Kg large prawns, peeled and head removed, (leave tails).
500g Fresh chopped (ripe) tomatoes.
300g Feta cheese, coarsely crumbled.
1 large onion, finely chopped.
5 big garlic cloves, crushed.
Oregano and paprika.
Parsley, coarsely chopped.
Vegetable stock cube.
Olive oil.


1. Put olive oil, onions and garlic in a deep pan and seal.


2. Add chopped tomatoes, pepper, stock cube (crumbled) 1/2 of the paprika, oregano and parsley,  and cook while stirring gently for 5 minutes.



3. Add prawns, Feta cheese and cook (while stirring gently) for a further 3 minutes. (Note if your Feta cheese is not very creamy then add 150g of fresh cream during this stage.)




4. Place in a large terracotta pot (or portion sized individual ones - like the ones we use at the Taverna) and sprinkle the remainder of the oregano, paprika, parsley and Parmesan cheese over. Bake for 30 minutes at 200C until starting to brown.



Need Help?


To request help with our Prawn Saganaki recipe, or read how others have enjoyed it, please visit our forums: Prawn Saganaki Recipe Help



Your Comments

Your Comment: I made this dish using your recipe to celebrate the fact that we are coming to Nissaki for a week's holiday from 23rd July and have already booked a table at Taverna Agni.....I haven't cooked anything for more than a year but I made a decent job of this (according to my wife) using frozen, uncooked king prawns (without heads but with tails on)...delicious. The only thing I did wrong was to use half portions with full cooking times so 1 or 2 of the prawns were slightly overcooked; I'll remember next time. I'll compare yours when we eat at Taverna Agni on Sat 24th July 2004.... Tip? Add a pinch of chilli powder at the end for extra 'zip'..!


Your Comment: Absolutely perfect. Beautifully creamy with mouth watering prawns. The recipe is so easy and the results fantastic


Your Comment: This was heaven. 11 weeks till we are back and everyone at home is already talking about what we are going to do/eat etc. Made this for tea on Saturday. Silence as golden apart from "Can't wait till we get back, Can't wait to see Spiro and Babis. Thanks Mum. Thank you Eleni for a taste of Corfu in Birmingham.

Suggestion: I just think you overcook the prawns; they become too firm if cooked for more than about 5 mins., or have I got this wrong? John from London - a huge fan of Taverna Agni.
Eleni says: John, thanks for your comments. Normally I agree with you - overcooked prawns go chewy and disgusting! But if they are cooked in a sauce - as with our 'Prawn Saganaki', they stay soft and juicy. Make sure they do not dry out when cooking - add a little white wine if you like!
Your Comment: As we are unable to accompany my brother's family (Hans Haasnoot) this year to Kalami, we tried this recipe to stir some old memories. I cooked a 6-person portion for the two of us and to be honest, I ate it all. Lovely! Compliments to the cook, hope to see you next year. How's the baby? Best regards, Krijn & Martine Haasnoot.
Your Comment: We really enjoyed your recipe for prawn saganaki.....owing to a shortage of prawns and cream, we substituted salt cod and thick yoghurt, and this made a lovely (Spanish or Portuguese?) variation, served with buttered conchiglie....wonderful! Thanks for the great web site.......I visit most days. Yours; Alan
Your Comment: Why do you not show cheese saganaki on the web-site as it is simple, different and very dilicious. Also the prawn saganaki(picture) does not appeal to me or any of my friend-it, is very delicios though!!!!!!!!! Jessica Carveles You might know my Dad ,Jimmy Carveles??!!



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 Serving suggestion

Eleni normally serves 'Prawn Saganki' with rice and fresh bread - it makes a very filling meal.

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