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 Greek White Wines 

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Modern Greek whites are fresh, fruity and very new world in style. Take a look at some of the new 'zingy', dry Sauvignons.



Price: 10,00 Euro
Debina grape (indigenous).

Dry. Pale light-green. Invigorating Substantial  middle palate. Long, crisp, crunchy apple/pear aftertaste. Scores high for individuality. 11.5% AO.




Price: 11,00 Euro
Athiri grape (indigenous).

Dry. Pale, green-silvery tints. Discreet white-melon nose. Concentrated grapy fruit. Crisp dry finish. 11.5%. VdP.




Price: 12,00 Euro
Aïdani and Assyrtiko grapes (indigenous).

Dry. Straw coloured. Fruity mineral nose. Bodied, volcanic ashy palate. Lengthy finish. 13%. AO.




Price: 14.50 Euro

Sauvignon Blanc
Dry and prickly. Pale green. Ripe nose. Clean fruit flavours. Short flinty finish. (Popular with our Greek clientele.) 11.5% VdP.




Price: 16,00 Euro
Sauvignon Blanc, Assyriko (indigenous) grapes. Dry and crisp. Clear and bright with pale lemon colour. Captivating, citrus-peach nose.  Green. Floral and flinty. Grapy mouthwatering. Long highly-flavoured crisp finish. Fabulous. 12.5% VdP.


Rhodes tends to produce large quantities of good quality table wine, with a dry new world character, mostly due to its Southern Mediterranean climate. During a recent visit to my favourite supermarket - the Alpha Veropolos or "AB" for short, I noticed this new wine. It is a move away from mass production and is well worth a try. If they can keep up the quality and consistency, then I will be stocking it next year at the Taverna!

Corfu Travel Guide with tips advice for this Greek Island. The December newsletter - Christmas and Greek Wine


Oinothiki Emery from Rhodes. 12%

Price (AB Super Market): 7,95 Euros

Golden straw colour with light green tints. Mature nose with a fruity, citrus scent. Thick and bodied. Oily. Deep summer fruits on the palate, giving way to a light smooth acidic finish. A little too short, but it does keep you going back for more.

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Greek Wine Classification

VdT - Vin de Table

VdP - Vin de Payes

AO - Appellation of Origin


Wine Descriptions


The wine descriptions are made from my own tasting notes and follow this format:
  • Name of the wine, followed by the maker.

  • Approximate restaurant price.

  • Grapes used (if known).

  • Wine type (Dry, off-dry, medium-dry).

  • Colour. (excluded for the red wines)

  • Nose.

  • Palate.

  • Finish.

  • Alcohol and Classification.








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